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My Animation For my Final Project at College

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My Animation For my Final Project at College

Hello, this is an animation i made for my final project at the SAE institute Athens.
The goal was to explore and understand animation and to apply that knowledge to the department of sound design and film scoring.

I was responsible for the animation, 3d, compositing, effects, sound design and film score.

Hope you enjoy:) here's the link:

Nice Trailer. The opening looks great, I admire the technique, I wish more films took advantage of mixing the 2D and 3D animation.

Anthony P Scalmato

That was pretty sweet! I really liked the music. Good Job!


Some nice work Vakis. The opening shot is nicely done. You have to work more on your story telling. I'm not sure whats going on with the satelite. Why is there electricity bolts on it? Is it spying on the planes below?

When we cut down to the canyon, the planes zip by too fast. I only noticed that there were two planes the second time I watched. Added to this confusion is the different color planes. When the second plane comes into view, I'm not sure if they are friends or enemies.

When we cut to the kid and the robot, where does the robot come from? Is it one of the planes that transformed? Or is it a different robot that the jets are flying towards and attacking?

Animation wise, your character animation needs some work. The head turn of the pilot works pretty well. It could use some anticipation as well as more arc to the head turn. The kid on the ground needs to be fixed. His head raise is jerky. Also the turn looks alittle funky. He goes off model or looses volume or something.

Your trailer keeps me interested and I can tell there is some kind of story there, but it's just not getting across in your trialer.

Keep up the good work.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Thanks guys for your words.:)

Animated ape basically it was going to be a longer story but in the end i made it as a trailer, the satellite was going to fall into the atmosphere, then open up and the robot would come out of it to kidnap the main character in the end. So the United Earth's army forces sent 2 fighter jets to intercept the falling satellite.