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Hi everyone,

Finally got come courage to post some of my work... they are all just scratches and dumps... hope I can get some inputs... Thanks in advance and happy holidays

Photobucket is a free image hosting website go to and sign up for an account

you can then upload pics and there will be 3 slots below the upload pics from which you can copy and paste info. One of the options will be an IMG link it will look something like [img ]bunchofwebadressystuffendingwithyourpicturesname.jpg[/ img] which you copy paste onto the forum and voila your image will appear when you post.

Your sketches are wonderful by the way lots of playful lines. Very Nice stuffs.

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Good morning Juxsen,

Welcome to the Dailey Sketch thread!
after taking some considerable time to look over your work the word Novice, hahahaha simply dose not apply. How long have you been drawing and where have you recieved any art education? Your model sheets seem to be orginized But I'd love to see how you sketch or create these fine characters. Do you have any Blue line sketches?

Happy holidays,


RealityTwist : Thanks for the tip... I'll have to do that one of these days... as for now I suppose I can remain content for a little while longer as it is :)

cartuneman : Afternoon Cartuneman... and thank you for the warm welcome. Well technically I'm been drawing since '05 but in actuality I just got serious over the idea of being an artist since '07 and I'm afraid I've had no formal education nor training when it comes to art... so as you can see I'm in truth simply a novice and the other thing is I've been trying to get some paying gig but haven't had any luck... so even as a profession I'm all, but a novice... :o

Anyways... I don't have blue sketches per say and I never keep all of my rough sketches due to the space it takes up on my computer nevertheless I have few that were still in the file so I've attached them hope that somewhat gives you an idea... they are all just like the roughs I've posted prior to this... I usually go through lost of scribbles and they usually start off in black or white color with slightly less opacity, then I select the ones I like and have them cleaned

finally Happy Holidays to U too :D

Oh... one more question before I leave... I wanted to upload a zip file (it's a very short animation test avi) but it gave me an error msg... how do I go about posting it then... please advise


COOL cars!! What software do you use? Maya?

Very much like the sequential test too. I'm trying to do something like that myself. Really like the layout and characters and all.

Good thread too!


chairman; thank you for that awesome comment, appreciated a bunch... I use just the PhotoShop for all my work thus far... been wanting to learn maya too but I suppose it will have to wait :)

possible characters

really nice work. If you ever had a desire to go Pro, you are well on your way.

Haven't been updating due to a small commission project that was at hand, but now that it is done and over with... I can post these rough sketches to get any of your remarks... thanks

Hi Juxsen,

Your work is great. You have a good sense of anatomy and you are doing some useful exercises. Some of the value shading on your female studies really conveys the form. I look forward to seeing some finished pieces as well as more sketches.


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by the way I was wondering if there is a way I can upload my avi file (animation test)... I tried to post it as a zip file but didn't work... please help... thanks in advance

katana : Thanks a bunch, that is the best comment I can get for sure... as for the desire to go pro... I would love to but I've yet to put things together for the portfolio but not having any experiences nor the education to back it up I'm not sure I'll fair well... nevertheless I'm trying, never hurts to try right, and if I fall I'll be sure to pick myself up and carry on and I appreciate the support... again thanks

Cobster : Thanks... I try and I'll try to keep it updated as frequently as possible with both rough and semi finished or maybe even at times finished pieces... but for now here are some, I suppose finished old pieces and some recent scratches...

just happy accident when trying to work on a concept environment

first pass on the female warrior and I'm thinking of finishing at lest one of 'em hopefully I'll post them as with each progression or maybe just the finished piece...

This one is of recent rough illu, I might finish this as well though depends... anyways would love to know of any remarks... thanks


Love the pose, Yes you should finish him out and give it more detail. Also add a bit more to the BG.


glow study

trying to achieve a glow effect... any crit

new cartoon piece

Cartuneman thanks, I'll do that and post it when it's done, however it wont be for a while, anyways this is a new rough piece of a color study... as you can see I really need to work on it to improve... on a positive note I did learn few thing from this piece...

So, what do you do for a day job if you are just a novice at this. hahaha just kidding ya, Hey the neandrathol looks really cool and it looks like you are using painter or some sort of paint program. You are further along with computer paint than I am. I tend to stick with the photoshop type of coloring. I want to become better at BG's myself and am looking into it as we speak but for now I can make my way around in photoshop fairly well. Also As being a novice well You have alot of other novices kicked in the butt!
I'm self taught as well and I used to make a living with my abilities but now......sad to say I just draw for the shear amusment of myself and family. I still like to share my work with others on the net. By there Critiques is how I have betterd myself. I know what you mean by looking at a bare piece of paper and thinking to myself.....ugh! hahaha I get those same feelings.
Since 1999 though I have been computerized and find it is such a great tool for us artist at heart. Makes things go a lot quicker. I would also suggest getting a wacom pad or something similar and using it if you have a chance. (that is if you don't have one?) most of your work looks like it's been drawn straight to the computer. Ok less I go now I'll type for ever. I gotta remember I'm getting old and I tend to rambel ahahaha....hope the new year came in well for you and I hope to see more of your work soon.

now just a lil suggestion on the neandrathal, The muscel structure is all in the right place but some of the proportions to one another seem a bit off to me. his left arm seems to be a tad thick compared to the other and the bicep muscel on the right arm seems to not be big enough. also his pectrol muscels would look better if the were enlarged a bit in comparison to the lateral neck muscel to his shoulders.


well at the moment I'm not working any day job hence the desperation, long story short due to the health problem I was bed ridden since early 2006 and with the help of few good friends and family I started sketching here and there when ever I could and only since mid 2007 I've been more or less actively invested upon this interest of mine. I have only been using photoShop thus far though I do know little about Flash, Mirage studio, and coral painters. I have yet to master Photoshop before I can jump into any other complicated application.

As for the the color study... you are right. It isn't properly proportioned, the thing is it is just a quick practice with the gray scale value filled in without any proper outline to go by. All I wanted was to see if I could define the shapes and get the feel of the volume which I later played around with hue and saturation effect with colorize turned on to get the skin tone and couple of filter effects to achieve the effect. As a result the proportion is all over the place... but again you are right and I appreciate the pointers. I still haven't been able to achieve what I have in my head of the balanced color when I work with the color directly even with the use of smudge tool, so I'm trying to see if I can come up with quick fix for the time being... :(

Anyways I don't mind the ramble for I'm old as well, maybe bit too old even. Nevertheless it's the silence treatment I don't like :), so if you feel like it... by all means do so, besides I need to improve in a hurry and hash out some decent pieces for the portfolio, that I can find some decent gig so that I can make a living and get to go on doing what I love. So as you can see I need all the suggestion and pointers no matter...

As for the New year and the last, I had one of the best despite the significance to show for. I hope your's was as well and again thanks and all the best

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Not bad at all, you've gained this much skill as a self-taught artist? You're quite skilled. How long have you been drawing, and how old are you?


Thanks ZacharySupina, I try and I've been drawing since the early part of '05 but only considered doing it forever from last year (summer '07). However I was always very fond of animation, and illustration, and only appreciated at best. As far as my age goes I'm 32 and I suppose I would be considered too old a person but personally I feel no different than a teenager and I hope I never will grow up... :)

Wow! I really like your work.
Ive been meaning to upload some of my own stuff, for the pure purpose of getting feedback.
Although being the post after yours is gonna make my stuff look extra bad :eek:

I found your work quite inspiring. I haven't picked up a pen/stylus in quite a while and now I want to try to sketch everyday. I'm 43 - way older than you. I really like the tiger model sheets. Very nice.


See juxsen You're inspiring people all over the place! and B'ini, when can we see some of your work?
and everyone is talking about how old they are.....uch you guys are just kids lol and no I'm not going to say how old i am but let's just put it this way I have ten kids and my oldest is 32 and my youngest is 7 hahahahah:rolleyes: you're as young as you only problem is I just have a hard time remembering how to feel .............:D :eek:

hehe cart:D

concept piece Auto (WIP) for the portfolio


I thank you for the comment b'ini, and I'm so grateful to know that I could be of some help. Still in the end, it seems I'm the one who is getting off with more than I should :) reading your comment has fired me up and has inspired me even further to push on, for that I'm indebted to you and I wish you all the best and courage to never stop :D will be keeping an eye for your updates... good luck and again thanks for checking my Sketches and taking the time to drop some lines :)

cartuneman: Ten kids...!!! Sir, you've been quite busy I should say and I congrats you on your prosperity. To know that in spite of your age you still manage to challenge yourself creatively I applaud you and I mostly thank you for making my day. It propels me to never say it is too late to which I have been struggling for awhile… having started this late in my years that is, but now I see it all in a different light, I thank you for that, now all I want is to succeed. :cool:

Thank you Grim... I believe we can only improve further never regress when it's comes to creative aspect... so I encourage you to take that step and if need be there will always be somebody willing to help, including myself (though I doubt I can be of any help)... isn't that what these forum are for... to learn and grow? So Grim all the best and I can't wait to see your stuff. It's always better to start right away than wait... at least that way you'll encounter all the pitfall that is there early, and if you intend to improve you'll always find a way all the best

just a quick sequential test... not sure how well it reads... any crit.. ?

this is good juxsen, i like the lines and the sense of movement and force.


Thank you waheednasir, especially coming from you it means a lot and again much appreciated for the comment :D

some very rough and sketchy storyboarding pieces

short cut... :)

some more scratches

these are semi finished personal draft sheet of the character for my personal animation project...

some preliminary environment thumbnails sketches

If anyone knows how to make the thumbnails appear in it's actual size please do let me know.... thanks in advance

First you are not a novice...nice work. Secong use photbucket or something similar for a host web site and then just copy the img code into the message area....

Thanks Katana... however I have to disagree with you on the first part... nevertheless you lost me on the second one, could you put that in laymen terms... I have no idea where to get the photbucket or to find the img code so as to put it in the message board...

Anyways thanks again, and my apology for any inconveniences


You've done some very nice work! I like the precision and colors of your sketches!

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