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Choosing a tablet

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Choosing a tablet

What is a good tablet to use to create a car?? What about Adesso CyberTablet 12000 12x9?? Is that too big?? What is a good size tablet?? Is Wacom the best out there?? How much to Wacom tablet costs?? Can a tablet correct drawing flaws?? Let me know.

Do a search, you will find some very good posts on this subject.

Drawing flaws?? If there is a software/hardware solution to this, I wont to hear about it. :o

I've used 12x12, 9x12, and 6x8, and I find the 6x8 is the best. It's a convenient size, keeps the drawing tasks within easy reach, and takes up far less desk space.

You'll never go wrong with Wacom. I don't know about the Adesso tablet you mentioned, but I do have an Adesso ergonomic keyboard for my Mac and like it quite a lot.

And I'm with Wontobe - if there's a tablet out there that can fix my drawing flaws, lemme know :D

There is no technology or software in existence that can correct "drawing flaws"--that's something left up to the "wetware" that is the practising artist.
If an artist's hand and eye cannot do the job, there's no way in hell any bit of software or gear is going to do any better.

Its like asking if a hammer owned by a guy that's all-thumbs would build the house for him.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)


Switching from cel animation to digital was made easier by investing in a used 18 x 12 Wacom tablet. I tried the small ones, but I found it gave me a lot more freedom when roughing out the drawings. Since then I've upgraded to the 21ux Cintiq by Wacom, which has really helped me out in terms of hand/eye co-ordination and is as near to perfect that you can get.