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Looking for help with a Nationally released project

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Looking for help with a Nationally released project

I have a series of books and DVDs that are being released by Barnes and Noble by way of Sterling Publishing in Jan 2009. There is much anticipation and excitement surrounding this project. I may be the first of many series of books of this type.

I'm looking for someone who likes a challenge and wants to get some experience at the same time. The DVDs (12) need a short animation introduction. It will be the same introduction with just a very small variation at the end of each to make it specific for each DVD.

This project will be a good way for someone looking to make a name for themselves can get their work into a Nationally released series of 3 books and as many as 12 DVDs. Thank you for your time and consideration.


re:looking for help

I'd love to be involved! Feel free to check out my website

If you go to my portfolio page, you can see my current showreel. You can also email me directly through the website. I have experience using Flash, Toon Boom Studio, Digital Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.

Glad too see this is someone who knows how to use animation: - create something short, repeat and vary!

check out

Mike Futcher -


I m Manas Sahoo . I am the Director of Bounce Animation Studio in Mumbai (India). We do all kinds of 3D animation jobs .We would be glad to execute your DVD requirement. Please feel free to contact me if reqd.