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Struggle Stories

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Struggle Stories

I thought it would be interesting to share stories we know of about those that have preserved and succeeded even after many doors slammed in their face.

One that comes to mind for me is about Jim Henson. At the time he was a success – Sesame Street was a hit, he finally was able to have the freedom with his Muppets that he didn’t have on SNL, etc. He pitched the idea for a prime time variety show starring the Muppets, every network passed on it. There was a lot of resistance to the idea because the consensus was his puppets were seen as for kids and a prime time show didn’t make sense. He stuck with it, got financing and it went into syndication in the US and beyond….

In the intro to Figure Drawing For All It's Worth, Andrew Loomis says that two weeks after entering art school, he was told to go back home. He just didn't have it.

Presumable this would have been at the Art Student's League in New York. It might have been George Bridgeman telling him, as that's who he's supposed to have studied under. Of the 'old school' guys, I'd put Loomis way, way above Bridgeman in terms of both appeal and versatility.

The Henson story I remember is even better (worse)... Sesame Street was big and critics said, "Oh, sure that'll work on a kids show, but you can't make a prime time show out of it..." Then when The Muppet Show was big, the same critics said, "Oh, Yeah, it works as a TV show, but you can't make a movie out of it..." The man just didn't see obstacles...

Not animation related, but my favorite story is the notes from an RKO Pictures screen test: "Can't sing. Can't act. Balding. Can dance a little." The actor referenced is Fred Astaire. :p