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suggestions please...

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suggestions please...

hey, i'm trying to improve my animating in general, so i figured the best way to do it, would be to animate ^^

so throw anything you want at me... and i'll have a bash at animating it :)

( but no bouncing balls :\ )



Well, here are some quick key pose ruffs. Haven't figured out the correct timing yet. Once I've got some more, I'll load them into my line tester and experiment a little with that. The overlapping bits might need some treatment, too. I like how the right arm plays so far.

Hey it looks like this is our halloween thread of the year. Love your witch Jabber. I am still in a funk, but always like to see what the other guy can do.

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If you would like to animate my characters you can

hey, i'm trying to improve my animating in general, so i figured the best way to do it, would be to animate ^^

so throw anything you want at me... and i'll have a bash at animating it :)

( but no bouncing balls :\ )


Hi, I have 8 Characters that I would love to see animated. If you are series I would love to send them to you. They are just frontal viewing but really nice characters. reply to isthimus if interested

Try this one...


If you are up to it try this has a Halloween motif.

A witch is holding a broom...She hops onto the broom, anticipates (antic) and zooms out of camera... left to right.

Cut to The witch on the broom flying in frame (still headed left to right...she is staged a bit more that 1/3 from the left of the she has some room in front of her). She lands her broom (while staying in frame) and then she shows a relationship with that broom.

Did it perform well? What are their emotions? (consider these and others....)

Have fun.....go for it.

I sketched some ruff poses for the first part of that.

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I sketched some ruff poses for the first part of that.

On a completely unrelated note, I often see animators working with coloured pencils. While I think it leaves a cool look, I don't see quite what the purpose is? Does it have a scientific explaination, or is it just intuitive enjoyment? :p

Because personally, boring ol' grey graphite keeps me amused.


I only have green lead for my lead holders at the moment. If I had red lead, too, I'd use that for ruff sketches and blue or green for tie-downs. That way I could filter out one colour while scanning and be left with a clearer drawing.
The green lead also loses less material with ever stroke, meaning it lasts longer than HB or B pencil lead.

colored pencils

Yeah, I usually use a "non-photo blue" pencil for my roughs and then just use a black pen over it. That way when I scan in the black and white, I don't have any blue and the finished art is just there. You have to be careful though, you can be too heavy on the color and it will show up any ways.


Hey Jabber

Hey Jabber,

Very nice work! Love the broad action and all of the overlapping bits.

If the bottom left drawing is the "antic" might want to play the brim of the hat to show the resistance as she backs up...great work guy! Go for it....

For our other might want to start with thumbnails...

The colors come from the xerox process used for animation - year ago. Blue for animation, red for anything goes...even Jabber's green.


Thanks, I'll definitely busy myself some more with it.
About the antic pose: the broom backs upward in anticipation of the fast forward movement. My guess was that the brim would get dragged down as the broom goes up.

Awesome Jabber. I always love seeing your work. Are you going to animate it out too? That would be sweet! One comment about the bottom left corner drawing. If she is backing up and to the left, shouldn't the top of her hat drag forward and the back brim flip upwards? I this would give a greater contrast for when she zips forward. Also, I think it's because the drawing are small, but in the first drawing, she looks like she has a combo chin/boobs going on. I think it's one of those, two people kissing/wine glass illustrations. :D

Great work.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Nice drawings, Jabber. You realize that now you have to finish the shot and post the results, right? :)

As to the hat in the antic, I agree with Ape about the top curving forward. I think the back brim up or down is a judgment call; either way would work.

Yeh, me too

Actually, you could play the brim down and treat it as a visual reversal when the witch come forward and and the brim pulls back.

The point of the hat by Ape and DSB is a good one, too.

I wasn't sure Jabber whether you were anticipating or trying to show some kind of recovery - you might want to add a couple of keys before the antic to play out the reaction of the witch's weight on the have them going down and the broom and witch react upward and then move into the antic.

Still, great stuff!

By the way I really miss Koln - sorry no puncuation.

Bending the hat tip the other way is a good idea, thanks Ape and DSB. It will go much better with the body curve in that key.

Mr L. - you're right, I mean to anticipate the fast forward movement with a strong backwards arc during which the witch stretches slightly as a recovery of the heavy landing that squashes the witch and bends the broom.
I'll see if I can manage some timed ruff keys this weekend, that should get the idea much better across.

Getting feedback is great. Don't lose hold of that workshop idea, all - exercises like this with professional input is the closest thing to an animation school learning experience. (Which would undoubtedly cost more.)

Well done Jabber! Always love seeing your work.

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Why dont you want to do bouncing balls? They cover a bunch of the principles of animation and area great way to learn about animation. I know they can be boring but only if you make them. Try to think of ways to make bouncing balls fun. You can't be a great animator without them.

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

How about in honor of upcoming Halloween, you do something with pumpkins?

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i've done that many bouncing balls it's unbelievable o_O

hmm, yeah a halloween movie would be good, think i'll start one tomorrow, i forgot about halloween :p

anyone got any ideas for a full bodied action i could try to animate?

Hey you want full about something to a piece of MJ's "Thriller". In keeping with the halloween theme. I had a go at it a few years back. I copped out and didn't go for a real full reninactment of the dance moves though. Maybe someday I'll open it up again and add to it. But it would be interesting to see what someone else could come up with. Character of your choice.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Here's my version. I thought I'd share it with you since you are gutzy enough to post a challenge here. I think that's good that you want to stretch and learn. Keep in mind I was only spending about 4-8 hours on each card. Since I was giving them away, but I learned a lot of techniques through working up my ecards. And I am sure this is where you are coming from. Maybe we can get some halloween fun going here.

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How about a guy picking up a giant blunt object and smashing a pumpkin.

I wanna see a bouncing ball. :D

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."


No bouncing ball... hrm.. How about a Pendulum?
It is another great excersise of the basic principles of ease in, ease out, and timing.

How's bout a butterfly kick?


Cartoon Syndicate project

Do a ball, just to spite us. Lol

Actually, I kind of liked the "blunt object" idea.