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Wow I did something ??? well what ever I did, there be art on this thread haha. hope you all enjoy these I'll be adding more later! (So after looking at these should I continue to post or not ?)



Thanks Cobster,

I'm doing quite well now qnd getting back to doing more art. I see you've been busy!
Doubt, Thanks for the nod

Here are 4 pages from a 20 page story in a 100 page coloring and activity book I'm doing for a publisher of mine. (may be simple work but it pays well!)


Oh ....My .....Goodness!! Dream, how have you been my freind? long time no even see around these parts. Thanks for the comments on my ole scratches and yes I'm better now. So you are going to have to fill me in on what you've been up too.

me I've just been getting older and still chasing my wife hahahahahaha


I cant wait to see this finished...I like the out of focus miniature horse (supposed to be a Unicorn?) in the jar....adds to the one shot cinematic.

Sweet lighting overall, keep up the nice work.

DS 7959:D

Thanks cobster,

Here is a lil example was just trying some coloring samples last night and playing with the layers in PSc2.


Still Kicking

I've been well for the most part, I've had to change some of my bad habits to get a little healthier, but can't complain, I finished the children's book I told you about last, I've been trying to send it around to publishers but no luck yet, I might end up illustrating it and printing some bound books from the commercial print company I work for (maybe my own PR campaign). I'm also working on a website to house all the projects that my sons and I are getting into, who knows.:)

DS 7959

Thanks guys,

Well the miniature horse was not ment to be a unicorn but I can see why some folks think it is. the pot handel that is hanging from the mast arm just behind the jar makes the miniature horse first appear to be a unicorn. Hummmmmmmmm? Well I almost put a sexy fairy in the jar and thought .............That scenerio was over done so I put the horse. Oh well huh?

Her is my update for today hope it still meets with approval?


Thanks Waheednasir,

As soon as I get through my stuff at work I'll be back to doing more my self........We had a major flood at my work yesterday and I'm going to be pretty busy with that. At least for the next few months hahahaha ugh!:(

I work in a lil town called Fernley Nv. and My housing track that I am the project manager over had over 375 homes flooded and I've been doing nothing but feilding calls and helping people phone haasn't stopped ringing.........but I had some quite time this evening and had to escape for a while and I finished the look of my sabertooth tiger for my Shera poster. What ya all think?

well, what do you think of : :eek: whoooooowww :eek: thats a nicee fairy :p, if onley she comes to make my wishes come. :D

nice job on that

looks great man, Like the cast shadow of the bird.

Hey Johnnyzee thanks for the comment and commenting......The paintings are all done digitally. I use art rage and manipulate in photoshop.

You are so freaking amazing. Especially since you say you've never had a lot of education is school about drawing. Did you have to look at pictures of Wizards to get inspirtation for your picture?

Here is my update for today hope it still meets with approval?



Hahaha Spongebob03,

Nope there are only 2 things in this pic that I needed to have a reference on and that was the armadillo and the zodic signs above his head. Everything else is from my totally confused mind. haha
I wish I could get art training though. I will always wonder what my work would look like if I had an art education.

glad you like it thanks for the comps.


Love your art

I love your artwork. I digitize artwork into embroidery designs mainly for use on home embroidery machines. I am always looking for new art sources and would like to convert some of your art into embroidery design. My web site is

If this is something you might be interested in then please contact me at

Each new artist will have a design section dedicated to their artwork.

Hey Dream,

Glad to hear you are doing well, Self publishing can be fun but expensive too. But it sounds like you have it under control, I'd love to see your web site when you get it up and going. I have a blog you can go and visit sometime just click below. Well i gotta get back to the old drawing board !
cya my freind


Ok I'm done ....Stick a fork in me signed sealed and I can go and hide in the corner again :D

please crit the heck out of it!


hey jab look i drew myself a wizzard lol .....just doodleing this evening


ok it's snowing outside and I got tired of goofing with the dragon and The new guy got me thinking about tigers....I love tigers so I thought .....snow.............tigers..........snow queen and then ......this appeared on a piece of paper.....ok, it's just a sketch but should I put this on my list to paint as well. ugh


Question for you cart..what shapes do you like to begin with when doing a realistic going crazy trying to figure out what works best to help me understand the pose more..i can show you a few beginning roughs to give you a idea of how ive been doing it...doesnt work so well.

I'm starting a life drawing class this week, id like to not feel so lost going in..ill PM you some examples tonight or tomorrow. thanks man :)


Hey I have a question?

I'm working on a pitch called "The Shallow End of the Gene Pool" Hince the Dribble characters in a previous post.

I've researched a few other peoples pitch's and have found that they have gone to the extent of creating a web site or blog and also pre animated a short or shorts for their presintatations. Is this worth the time and effort?

just curious.


very nice work mate, good style. really an interesting thread to go thru...:).


I'll have to second spongebob03's sentiments you are freaking amazing (unlike me who is amazingly freaky ;) ). Honestly, as much as I like the babes you draw, your flights of fantasy that touch on whimsy and humor really tickle me fancy (wheruz a pirate smiley when yer needs um ;) )

My two cents: if the dragon and his captive fairy are the focus of the drawing, I'd move them up vertically a little more. Then, move that second dragon back and away more, and maybe put a third dragon back further still.


would you mind just adding a touch more warm color to the face and hands..? Other than that, yea you're job.

That picture is dope!

I'd keep the foreground dragon like in the first drawing and I would shrink the other dragon about 60 percent and have him flying out from behind one of the cliffs in the 2nd tier of the bg. That would definately make the scene seem bigger.

Nice kitty!


You have some good thangs happenin' here.

hahahahahaha Katana,

thanks for liking was fun to do. Now the wife wants a dragon and a castel with a firery cavern.......hummmmmmwhere have I seen that before? but thats what she wants. ok off to the drawing board again.....


good to see some new stuff from your cart... so the book is going for a more realistic feel? man that would really test somebodys skills..good luck on it man!


thanks Dawg and Bupaje, you guys are to kind!

haha hey bupaje maybe you will like this stupid lil detail I'm throwing in on the shelves above the fireplace. It's the wizards Graduation pic. Is it to much or should I leave it?


I'm actuall pulling the bottom dragon up to just below the means of the center of the art to take up the more or less boring middel and I am dropping the upper dragon up and back to give more depth to the piece. I'm am also adding some meat to the upper Dragon like in the neck area and in the wing structure. I'm also going to try to convince the new guy waheednasir to colab on this and make me a Bg to die for hahahahaha No really I'm working on the Bg now as well but I want this to come together and be complete before the new year. I am considering on doing a line of Fantasy posters and then putting out my first Sketch book this year as well.

Do you guys think my work is marketable?

Hey Goof,
I considerd a 3rd dragon But I do not want to clutter the pic so how about maybe a shadow cast upon the cliffs maybe?



here is a painting i finished today and it was fun and then The other painting is a one in progress I call it skypirates hope you likem

Thanks Tony,

The art I'm working on with the fairy is for poster art. The other projects I have on my platter right now are a few coloring books and some character design work. nothing like being to busy to post fun stuff huh?
But thanks for admiring the work.:)

Melon smasher ...hahahahaha thanks my wife would thank you for the wow part hahahahaha she kinda modeld for me hahahahaha.

I'll post some of the paint work tonight.

Here it is forgive me I just started


Ok I'll bite,

is there any money in this for me?


I love it!!! Thanks for sharing it as you went along!!


Can't wait to see the castle/dragon pic!!

a fun paint hope you like it?

Thanks leechkin and everyone else thats taken a look recently. i just wanted to let everyone know I will finish the wizard asap. but I had a bit of a health problem that put me in the hospital but I'm better now and things are getting back to normal so I'll be around again for a while hahahaha. I hope everyone is paitent with me. :rolleyes:

glad to be back thow whew!!!! hospital food sucks! Hope i didn't forget anyone on my comments:D


[I]cartuneman wrote:

I'm also going to try to convince the new guy waheednasir to colab on this and make me a Bg to die for [/I]

sure mate, my pleasure and thanks for considering me...:).

let me write few of my suggestions on your dragons image:

. the foreground dragon is a bit too tightly cropped. give some breathing space. i wouldve included his whole hand inside the frame, wont crop it.
. ill push the middleground dragon further away, back. and bring the whole thing insided the picture plane to show the viewer the whole design/anatomy as the one in the foreground is like a portraiture. that will even work for a better composition and would define scale and give depth and a feeling of vastness to the area.
. i might reduce the height of the bg mountains a little to reveal of the sky, have a dramatic sky to put drama and enhance the mood of the place.

hope that helps. if u agree to try these out and see if they work, im sure they will.

just my friendly suggestions. all the best...:).


For a pitch an animated short is not neccesary. I don't think a website is needed either.
Depending on where you're pitching and for what, a sum of money could be available for development, which is better than making a whole short for free before you find out if anyone's interested(I mean they want to give you money kind of interested)
As far as visual material goes, a few pieces of conceptual work is all you need initially (just to show the look you'll be going for).

Hope this helps.

Looking forward to seeing the collaberation. It'll be nice.


if you really are interested in colabing on this poster pm me and we'll talk about it and get started and as for the layout We are on the same page. I fully agree with not croping the dragons hand and creating more room and as for the BG I would leave that all up to you. as for the dragon to the rear, There are going to be some major changes to him and I want to make him smaller as to add depth to the pic. My wife wants to see a castle in it some where or maybe some castle ruins what do you think?

Stick around Doubt this could get interesting ....... almost forgot ...That Guy I was telling you about that wanted to talk to you about some work said he would most deffinately contact you but it will be after the holidays.


well here is the meager beginings of my next project.........a dragon in flight, he will be blowing fire and there will be a distant castel in the BG with a river of lava in the mid ground with a natural stone arch and an ominus sky. CAN YOU SEE IT? hahaha me neither, I better get busy..some things will change with the dragon I'm not quite satisfied with his tail yet. Whatchya think?


Hey cart...looking good! Keep it coming!


This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my art professors, whilst showing him a picture of a dragon I had painted...

he said..."So i want you to go back and look at (human) anatomy again and then rework it..."

"uh..ok...", I replied..

A little confused i realized what the problem was a dragon and not a human, so therefore 1. the anatomical correctness would be different and 2, my art professor was an idiot...

..Should be a good one.

ok.....I added a mouse and a cat and I'm done stick a fork in me!!!!!!


Sorry to hear you were sick. Get better brother - or 'brudder' whatever. :) Would you mind if I downloaded and colored a copy of this when you get it all inked? I was thinking I might like to color this for fun when I have free time here and there.


Hey Cart,

Looking good so far, wish the best with waheednasir.

DS 7959


I know how that must of felt hahahahaha Katana well this is a BG color study. in cs3.....diference clouds and air brush can really look cool. but I'm going to have to make the BG bigger and a lot more work.

SWEEEEET!! Very cool! (Although the tail doesn't look human enough! :D )



Looks great so far!

Thanks for posting as you go!