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I have created a Push box animation. Give me some suggestions please.thx. (209 KB)

Looks good to me. Nice animation.

Nice work, Peng.

You might want to consider posting your clip on Strut Your Reel:

That site is dedicated to critique of works in progress and clips just like yours. The commentary is usually very thoughtful and helpful. Look forward to seeing you there!

Nice Job!

Good job with the push...

There is also a Show and Tell forum here at AWN.

I have a few tweaks...

1. Try to show more weight in the quads and the feet-especially after the "drive in place" part of the scene.

2. When the character walks over to the left- he comes maybe a bit too close to the frame line. There is good lead and follow action with the hands but in the final pose ... the right arm is posed behind the left arm... you might want to pose the character so both arms can be seen..and you can keep the character a bit more 3/4.

Overall- it is a wonderful little scene...I really like the little "look" you give before the box slides over him...nice...

when he first starts pushing the box it kind of loses weight, try slowing in on that push. Don't make the box move RIGHT when he starts pushing, he should struggle first. I don't think the running in place is very necessary. I like what you're trying to do with the whole (he gives up turns around regains composure and tries again) but I don't think you made the idea instantly recognizable. Increase the struggle when he tries again, maybe he falters a little before it falls. It was cool how it crushed him but it was a little too quick, try slowing that in aswell. Overall it's a cool idea but it can definitely be sharpened up.

The animation looks good, the scene is believable, he pushes the cube which is quite heavy. ;)


Thanks for all your comments. (258 KB)

final animation (826 KB)