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3D and 2D Animation In China

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3D and 2D Animation In China

I've been hearing for years that the Chinese government was very much into developing their animation Industry, but though I hear a lot about overseas 3Danimation being done in India and Malasya, and the usual overseas 2D work done in Phillipines, Korea and Taiwan, I hardly ever hear of anything going on in China.

Im an overseas supevisor working in India at the moment. Ive worked in Taiwan and Thailand, and have been to a few universities in China that seem determined to train as many CG artists as possible, and the student work looked really really good. These universities are HUGE too... and yet, I hear almost nothing when it comes to actually producing animation.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts about this?

Producing Animation requires a lot of money. For the money to come into play you must either have a locally developed market able to sustain production and/or government support towards production (besides the usual educational infrastructure)

Countries like China, India have similar problems, namely and under developed animation market (nascent even)

India has just started producing features for the market and will see a bunch of them coming out between 2007-2008. Hopefully by the end of the period at least the producers will become mature enough on how to target the audience (who only see animation as kiddie stuff rather than family entertainment unless its religious) Same thing with tv, Cartoon Network, Nick etc haven't beens serious to go after creating content for the audiences, trying to pick up the cheapest thing out there rather than working on something.

China on the other hand has a lot more content on tv due to some Chinese laws regarding a % of content having to be Chinese. The quality i have heard is terrible, so they are producing content too, just not on a grand, refined scale - ye

Working overseas Ive often heard it said that unless you produce animation for the international market (meaning, ener the US and Europe markets) you're bound to lose money.

You think that's true?

very glad

yes,u r right.
i m very glad to see someone want to know something about chinese animation.( i feel so lonely in this website before.)
and i m very happy to make friend with u.
i m a animator. From 2002 to 2007, chinese animation market have changed a lot. i think that we need good teachers,and more education knowledge.

wish chat with u .
anyone else welcome either.

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No need to feel lonely... I've worked in many places in Asia and notice that a lot of people are just shy to use their English.

When I was working in Thailand I was invited to visit China three times. Twice to give lectures at Art universities in Chengdu and Chong Ching, and once to visit a studio in Suzhou. I also visited a friend in Shanghai, who was starting a small animation studio. It seemed to me that the future for animation in CHina was HUGE... very very BIG. And yet I dont hear of many projects being done there.

Can you tell me more about how you think the industry has grown in CHina since 2002?