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Havent been here in a while,,, in desperate need of help

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Havent been here in a while,,, in desperate need of help

I am starting a website with my brother however I am not very good with photoshop,,, I was wondering if any of you could take this image and make your own interpretation of it, on whatever program you use to make graphics,,,I can't use this one due to copyright

It would be greatly appreciated if you could upload your work onto this thread, I am also hoping you will allow me permission to use the graphic you make on the site.... Please someone help,,, thanks


not to be an ass Gabe but, good luck finding people who are going to do your work for you. not that its an impossibility but, you know.

why not just go about learning photoshop? and by learning i dont mean this
always helpful to have more knowledge ey

and keep up with the animating!


Can't you just make that in Flash with gradients and alphas?
Maybe even ... wait for it ... animate it!

Otherwise, just buy the pic.

Yeah, sorry mate, I have to go along with the other guys.

The images at istockphoto aren't expensive anyway. Their images like that cost around $5 for a decent res for the Web. If you're not able to afford that you wouldn't even be able to get a domain name or hosting...

Good luck with the site though.