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Well guys I just got home from work and maneged to do my quick sketch there. For now i did some more manga studie sketches. Great to see everybody getting their galleries up.

So here is mine for today. :P

Thanks Dan, yeah that one was fun to do. Trying to figure out if the knee looked right or not.

Here r mine for today. The first one r some sketches from a fangoria mag one of my friends had lying around his house. I borrowed it and just started drawing what i thought looked cool.

Damn scanner is acting up. I might need a new one. Well the next one is of my all time favorite Batman villan.

coool stuff D!
keep up the awsome job man!
i am anxious to soo more superhero alike gals ;)

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In the immortal words of Mario, you've 1-up'ed me! Those Cupids kick butt. Great work D!

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

The second love baby is so good. Such a good concept for the Love baby. - coming soon.

Here is mine for today. I did this on sat but am just getting to posting it today. I got lost yesterday in all tha football. Funny enough i'm not a football fan but for some weird reason i got sucked into it.

This is the last concept for a potenial book 2 cover. I'll show it to the team and see if this is anything that they might like.

I'll try to post todays sketch later today as soon as i do it. :p

"Love that Joker"

Great stuff. The Joker is my favorite. The whole picture just looks like it deserves to be on a cover of one of the comics. I think you've just inspired me to try an interpretation of VENTRILOQUIST/SCARFACE. I don't know why I was always so intrigued with that character.

Looking forward to seeing more.


I really like the pose of the girl getting beaten... as strange as that sounds.
Nice work.

nice, like seeing the loose stuff!

Wow long time no post. Well i haven't stopped sketching even thou it does get kind of hard to do sometimes. Still i have been able to keep up with my new years res. Here is one i did today.

This one is one i did for Kevin from the HM website when i found out he was having a babie. I'll post more once i get the time to scan more in. :P

Love that sketch D! And I can totally relate to it! LOL
Good to see you back, Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Very cool D! You always Produce cool work. How's that comic coming along. As far as I know, the one I was working on has stopped indefinitely at ish 2.

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

That rocks D! Wicked work

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Thanks guys.:P

Danimation Re: the book it's gooing pretty good. I'm on the tail end of issue 2 and gearing up for issue 3. I always thought this was easier than animation but i guess everything has it easy and hard points. Go figure.

Sorry to hear that the book u worked on got only to ish 2. R u a bit relived that u can go back to animation or where u looking forward to doing static illustrations? Personally me i'm looking forward to doing some animation and not doing so many clean and detailed animation. I guess when i hit clean up it will be the same thing thou right?

Ok here is mine for today. I've been able to keep my new years res so far. but i guess i really shouldn't pat my self on the back it hasn't even been a week. I'm so fickle :P

Yo D! I laughed when I read your daily. Sketch daily, sketch! LOL! To be honest, comics aren't my thing. I'll take animating any day! Speaking of which the owner of the book decied to make it a cartoon, so they're pumping out a seasons worth of 3d stuff. Should be cool to see! I've gotta get started on my daily now! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Thanks Dan,

My little Munchichi is starting to sleep a little longer at nights now so it's not as bad and he is finally starting to eat some food from those little jars. Man i tasted some of those and some don't really taste good. Good times

Well here r mine for today the first 2 r some ideas i am playing for the cover to issue 2 they r a bit gory so young uns keep ur eyes closed.

Ohh the little figures on the side r supposed to me and the gang from the comic.
The following r just ramdom sketches where i saw something i liked and just redrew it.

And ofcourse my daily Manga studie.

Hahahah thanks Kal it's an honor to have inspired someone. Let me know when it's up i would luv to see it.

Here r mine for today. It's late and i need some sleep but must keep sketching. More sketches from the fangoria mag. Is it holloween or valintines? I always get the 2 confused. :p


There is been a while....the baby scketch is soo cute... :D and funny too..and about the comics ...woaw i like this style...wonderful work..i hope to see more...G.L.

great drawings, damage. i really like the zombie thats just standing there looking off into space. he looks so menacing. like he'd bite your face without even thinking about it. keep up the awesomely cool work.

Rock'in poses D! The characters are nice a solid and have nice volumes! Remins me of that episode of Friends, when Phoebe is a Porn Star. The movie they saw was Buffet, the Vampire layer. :D Funny stuff! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

I really like those draws like the gore ones.

I want to see more!!! :D

Drawing those things, what do you find in manga style? I don't see the relationship.
(sorry about my english)

....and congratulations! :p


Long time man......... thanks for checking my site out.......hey you should check out the pic I did and posted in the general disscussion forum under "theme Challenge" and yes I used my wife as a model again(forgive me but she won't let me go to the strip bars for life drawing class anymore hahahahaha)
But hey I've missed your art dude:(


how can you be this good? it's impossible!

The baby and the vampire ones are my favorites so far. Have you ever read the comic "Preacher"? If not you should check it out.

a daily for today

I did this one during Lunch. I'm going to try and give this another try as long as life permits me :P

Cartuneman: Thanks for your comment. As for autograph hahaha thanks I'm blushing now as soon as i get my self up a website I'll send you a link with some info :D

me playing with 3d

Here is me brushing up on my 3d by playing with the famouse Joan of Arch tutorial that can be found on the internet. I manage to get this far and i look forward to finishing up this babie and animating her.

yess damage is back!... show off that artzz! :) , nice rugged cowboy

Hahah hey Cartuneman,

I have yet to go to the stip club myself for some life drawing. I'll try and make some time for it soon tho :D . I know i haven't posted here lately and thanks to all of u who have commented on my work. I appreciate it. I have been doing my daily sketches but unfortunetley they r of adult content and i dare not post them here. Since i would imagine that we have young readers lurking about. I'll try and tone down the next couple of ones and post them here tho.

I'll be sure the check out the thread u metioned i luv challenges.

Thanks for the cool comments guys, really apprecaite it.

Hey Doubt, Yeah i have read it. I was collecting the paper backs for a while but ended loosing track of where i left off. I think o was near the end. Damn i really want to find out how that stroryline ended. Next time i go the comic convention near me i'll make sure to look it up.

Well here is my new one for today. Another concept for the cover. I still have one in my head stuck that i'll try and get out tomorrow.

Now this one i did a while back at work. The people brought in a horrible picture of the man, and it was a 3/4 shot too with him wearing a hat. Man it was going to be one of those days that u hate. My boss wanted me to garentee the work but i told him like hell. Surprinsingly tho it turned out pretty good and the client loved it. Needless to say that day being able to draw came in handy :P
Here is the sketch, the line work, and the finale airbrush.

Oh Btw these r done on Cakes the portrait painting that is.

A dialy for today 022807

Thanks Nonesense, I shall try

Here is one for today, I couldn't think of much so hope you like

hahahahaha Dude!!!!!

Wow long time no see! Hows it goin? Love the sketch hahahaha. extinct ya My endstinks too hahahahahahahah.

Heck ....what am I sayin this is the first time I've been here in a couple of weeks :o modem went on the fritz and I just put on my new one tonight...yay I'm back hahahahahah (for what it's worth....:rolleyes: ) Well, glad to see you still a drawing my I need to get back to the drawing table myself.


Well guys I just got home from work and maneged to do my quick sketch there. For now i did some more manga studie sketches. Great to see everybody getting their galleries up.

So here is mine for today. :P

Damage I will always love anything you do, keep "CURBING MY FANTASIES" :D

He who seeks the truth, must first empty his heart of a false pursuit.

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Thanks Cartune, glad to have you back too. I hear you about the work. I barely get to animate anything and if i do it has to be really cheap. Sucks man, but it:o 's work i guess.

Very nice linear style on that first babe. Not sure what I think of your blood thirsty cupids. But your skill is great Damage.


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Great Stuff

Love the new stuff. Am I correct in assuming that one of the pictures was from Freddy vs. Jason? Anyways, they rock.

Also, I hate advertising my thread on yours, but I just wanted to let you know that my Scarface picture was up.

Keep up the good work.


Sadly but true..*sigh*

Good to see your work @ my studio just came to a close too...job searchin yet again...gwah, funny post too! Soon we'll be known as relics, with glass protectors around us in museums! haha

Go now! Its Free! YES Free!
See my work and me at these other sites! WOW! (Comic Book Freelance) (Sketcheroos) (Atlanta Studio)


I hear you scoob, we're going to have to learn to adapt to doing something else. I guess i can go back to being a erotic cake artist :p

Nice, have you gone to school for that, comic drawing I mean?!!


Thanks Danimation. Here are 2 for today. I slacked it since my last post but even tho i fall down i still get up and try again. Heheheheh. Good times

Just some more Manga Studies.

Hey guys thanks for the cool commments.

Bri, thanks man i like drawing zombies and especially those. The last one i did didn't give me that feeling of just existing and attacking when bothered. I think it's in the pupils.

Skeksil, The reason I'm trying to draw manga is just to vary my style some. Long ago when i was trying to get gigs in animation people we're telling me that i was too disney. I know it sure doesn't look like it now but trust me they were kind of right. I'll try to post some of them so u guys can see.

Kal ur right about one being from Fred vs Jason. The movie was ok not much there other then alot of hype but Jason is still my favorite.

Ok here is mine for today. I saw Danimations and it inspired me to do my own. I'm not into the cutesy thing but here we go.
Happy luving day gang. :p

Beware of the luv babie hehehhe.

Hey guys and gals, been a while since i last posted. Things have gotten a little hurried around here. Still sketching tho. Here r some i did some days back and just didn't have time to post.

I didn't like this sketch as much. I didn't really measure it out on the page before i started to clean it up some and had to really make the legs fit. Oh well that's why they r sketches right.

This one i did measure it out before i took the sketch further and i really ended liking the results.

I like girls :rolleyes:

Well i couldn't stay drawing cute for too long.

Luv Babie didn't have such a good day. :p

Great Sketches D! Love the bottom head stand pose, great foreshortening! The Sagat and Ryu heads rock as well! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Hey Dan thanks for the compliments. Friends and porn hahahahaha damn i missed that episode I'll ask one of my friends and see if any of them have it recorded cause i now i want to see it too.

Hey Phack thanks and blood thirty cupids is the only way to go. Watch out for him cause he comes around every year. He is a persistant little bugar.

hey Green, no i never went to school for comic illustrations. I actually got started doing underground comics way back in high school and have been doing them on and off with that same friend to this date. I actually prefer to animate way more than doing comics but comics r sometimes faster... sometimes hahahahah(as I stare at the pages on my desk at the moment)

Here r some for today
the busty goth girl i did at Wizard World La when it got slow and i was able to sketch.

the next 2 pages were inspired by Brien on these forums here. I had to come up with something for a flash assingment i have in class at the moment and i had just finished seeing Bri's little flash movies and and i was like man i haven't drawn cartoony in a while so i gave it a try again. I want to try and do what Bri is doing and get more facial expressions like he did but damn it's hard. So here they go.

I know i've been slacking on the posting. I'll try to keep doing it more frequently. Life sometimes gets in the way hahahaha Lates


Hey Damage, Excellent stuff, I always had a thing for busty vampires :D

Nice to back amongst the artwork.

Dream state

Hey Dream thanks for the comments. I got ur Pms but when i tried to reply it told me that ur box was full and u couldn't take anymore messages. Hope all is well and i'll Upload some images as soon as i get myself some webspace to post them on.


Damage your artwork is looking fantastic, I love the horror stuff but I'm also a big fan of Street Fighter so you know I'm loving that Ryu that you drew.


Thanks for the compliments Dream I haven't posted in a while but now i finally got some free webSpace so here i go. I'll try to keep this up more often. :)

Great wolfman Damage! Keepem coming man! love it!

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Damage is that you!

I told you I was real on HM. Over the I'm SPACEY...but here, I Den!!
Nice work, do you animate?

Haha yeah The metal come to the animation. Ok i belive it ur real, tho u and O-scar have very similar visions.:D

Thanks Dan I'm certainly am going to keep trying. I now have no excuses I finally have some space on the web :)

Ok this here Dorthy is for a lip sync project on trying to get done. I worked on the face till i reached a point where i felt comfortable to work with her.