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Animation test needs a critique please.

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Animation test needs a critique please.

Here is a little animation of my practices by Macromedia Flash MX. It's just a test before doing 3d animation by Maya. Give me some suggestions please.thx.

Download: test_2d.swf (58 KB)

Download: test_2d_v2.swf (65 KB)

I like it ...nice movement and timing..I hope you bring the movement and timing when you go to Maya...the problem I have with 3d stuff: it looks good but moves bad...(featherweight dinosaurs...bad physics on Spiderman)

there's a scene in Starship Troopers when our man gets on the back of the beetle....arrgh..bad 3d!

please make it better than that!

all the best for the future

Hey madaman90£¬

Thank you very much!

Hey madaman90,

Thank you!

Hey ivaneight,

Thank you. I will post the Final 3d Animation here.

even better!

smooth textures make this all look pretty:)
I'm not sure if this is for a class or for yourself. In either case, I do give you good credit for doing this character so many times over based on notes you get from "who the hell is that guy" notes. I'm not certified in any way shape or form to say what's what and I beg other animators out there to comment if what I'm saying is wrong.

With that in mind, here's my crit:

There's definitely more comfort in the falling into the gap. I believe that you went with the option to roll the body into the gap as his leg stops wigging out. It's close enough that I would buy what you're trying to pull off, but I do think that kinetically/physically, even in animation and worlds and characters that don't exist, it's helpful to consider "what would happen to YOU if this was YOU doing the same scene" in real life.

the physics I feel still need to apply and those are the parts that I notice the most in this scene.

While the character is rolling into the gap, you do this in 3 frames...frame 3 being the longest stretch of the character's body. Too fast man. Slow it down. Start 7-8 frames back; a 7-8 frame roll that goes with the leg passing the 90 degree axis of the body towards screen right.

After that, it's cool enough that the fit into the gap works. Follw through would be nice, but truthfully, I'd buy the actual wedging into the gap. good:)

The break of the floor is good. I do wish the character's head was stretched after the floor/wall exploded. Ask yourself: "what's making his head so squished?". Well, at one point it was the wall. Now it's not there.
What it looks like i'm not sure, but i would in animation personally only allow the head to stay squished if he was in a garbage compactor, it was superman, and the wall exploded because my head was stronger than the wall. This guy of yours is PUSHING out.

if the wall is now broken, it's okay to leave the character in the same place...but the drifting right before he falls doesn't feel right.

I should not truly suggest what the answers to this animation are. I should only tell you what doesn't feel right and I will leave it up to you to do the rest. I think you've learned a lot through these trials. If I was in your shoes and I was doing the same scene over and over, I would go nuts.

For a reel, I would use this clip up to where he lands in the gap. It's REALLY strong up to that point.

I can give lots of advice, but I don't want to make your head explode with revision. If you want advice on the fall from the point where the wall explodes, I'll give it, but you've been a good sport up to this point. What's important is that you understand the physics of scenes like these. It's perfectly all right to do things that people wouldn't, but the association of force, squash, stretch, etc has to be considered throughout.

good luck peng


better than before.
The breakapart of the floor is better with the itty bit of follow thru you did. The fall into the gap is still a tad off, but it feels better than before.

frame 195 is your last chance frame before, at frame 196, the character stretches (wonderfully) in the direction of where he's going to go. In this case, that direction is a perpindicular 90 degree UP.

What makes the fall into the gap feel off to me is that none of the character's momentum is dropping him on the arc that leads to the gap.

There are 3 different things you may want to try if you want real life physics to apply here:

1. after frame 195, stretch him at like a -5 to -10 degree angle for the stretch. Once he's airborne, even if he's going to stay suspended in one place, when he drops as you have it already I think it will be more comfortable.

2. same rule as above, only have him freak out and move at the same time in an arc that slows at the top and speeds up for when he drops as you have it already.

3. have the animation as you have it already but I would say at frame 214, start rolling the the whole body and leg into fall you have already.

You don't even know me, and I'm ripping you apart.
Sorry man:)
This last trial you did is better than your last, and I think you're not far off from a really good display of acting!

the final fall is a different story, but try to nail this fall first as it feels like the heart of this scene:)

good luck

madaman90: Thank you!

3d mov

i dig it up until the guy wedges in the gap. between frames 218-224 his fall is diagonal. I would buy this if he was freaking out between 198-218 in an arc that drops him in there, but since he's statically freaking out, it feels a little funky.

The breaking up of the floor and the final fall are kinetically off some.
I think at 266 the floor and the trap door can start to bend for the explosion but once it explodes at 268, the body of the character should follow through a bit. The fall that happens after is a different story altogether

I understand you're doing several looneytoon antics of "uh oh, where's the floor and wall that's holding me up. The first part works wonderfully!
It's this in-the-gap and fall after that are not only hard to pull off but hard to pull off as comically as the first half. As is, it's hard to swallow the gravity and suspension of disbelief in the second half.

Really good over all!
I hope i'm not being too hard. Somebody say something if there's disagreement:)


Welcome to the AWN Fourms peng jie.

I've moved your thread here to the "Show and Tell" forums. This is a more fitting place for this kind of thread.

You might want to post a version of your animation in a format that more people use like .avi or .mov instead of the .rar that you have now. That way you may get more people viewing your animation and leaving critiques.

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Download mov:1leg_posekeys_V2