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Worst Cartoon Characters

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Worst Cartoon Characters

my vote: Pipeye, Pupeye, Poopeye, and Peepeye

the recipe?
Take the world's ugliest cartoon character and make a toddler version of him.
not hideous enough? then multiply by four

They're ugly, mean, toothless, one-eyed children who sound like throat-cancer patients.
They're Popeye's nephews!

betty boop
porky pig
nearly all hannah barbera is crap
nearly everything made for kids
dungeons and dragons
goofys son...whatever his name is
nemo.....his small fin disability smacked of overtly political correctness pukeness...
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I want to be careful with my words...I definitely am not close-minded to just a particular look like doe-eyed Disney fare, and I am sure that there was skill involved, screening processes, etc. that went into the look for the Thundercats characters...but oogedy-boogedy they just freak me out to look at some time. What they say about appeal? The opposite isn't ugly, just boring? They don't bore me =P