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Please Check out my showreel

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Please Check out my showreel

Ive just finished putting together my showreel its around 50 meg

Please take a look and tell me what you think

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websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings

websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings

You, my friend...

are EXTREMELY gifted. I think the design is outstanding - the animation is also great and a perfect match to the style. Your work is outstanding. Where do you study/work?
Do you have more stuff to show?


Thanks :D thats about the most positive feed back Ive had.

Ive been working in games now for 4 years. I dont get to do much animation at the moment, I am currently working on eye toy games for Kuju in Brighton UK. I spend a lot of time making models and texturing them as well as doing basic animation.

Ive recently been making games in 3 days, which gets pretty manic.

The stuff on my reel is what I do when Im between jobs, at the moment I dont have anything else up to that standard (just lots of unfinished stuff :( )

I trained as a 2D animator, although I wanted to do stop motion, I guess Ill come full circle at some point.

websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings

That was really great. I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah give stop-motion a try, the feeling of having your hands on the characters animating is great, but I can't really compare it to other animation since I don't really have experience outside of stop-motion.

Great stuff.

Clay Animations:


Yeah stop motion, I havent done that for ages. I had my internship with a stop motion company, and they said they wanted to take me on as an assitant full time.... then they went bust :(

some times your big break just doesnt work out. I think it was a year after that I got my first job in games.

I much prefer making models out of clay or sculpteze (or whatever its called)
maybe one day.

thanks again for the feed back, please keep it coming, I should have said the file streams so although its 51 meg you dont have to wate for it to download.

websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings