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Dealing with Forum Spam problems

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I'd volunteer to be a mod. That seems to be the most immediate action. I also agree with a screening process for new members, but I'm not sure about isolating them to their own forum. It seems like it will make it difficult for them to participate and respond to current threads.

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It seems like 90% of the spam could be handled by filtering out all subjects with the words "ipod," "xbox," "sony," "panasonic," "nextel," sidekick," "nokia," "motorola," or "samsung" in them.

Additionally, every subject with the words "for sale" or the dollar sign ($) in them could automatically be sent to the Flea Market forum for further inspection.

Keyword and other filtering options

We can filter out posts by keywords, as well as filtering out registrations by domains. I hate to use keyword filters because there are going to be times when someone legitimate posts something with such a word. However, we could try that. I also think domain filtering won't work because we get people from all over the world that register, with some of the same domains that spammer use.

I think that requiring every new registrant to post a first post that says something about themselves is a good idea. I think that if we have a some of your help with moderation as well, we can get people's access modified to allow them post access to other forums.

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I hate to use keyword filters because there are going to be times when someone legitimate posts something with such a word.

I'm not talking about post keywords. I'm talking about thread title keywords. Legit forum members aren't starting threads about cell phone manufacturers.

For the words that you're unsure about, have those threads sent to a buffer area where a mod can review them.

[I] "This will allow you to automatically scan new posts from new members for common spam keywords. If any are found, the post/thread will be sent to the moderation queue to prevent their spam from having any affect. If your filter is very strict, and a regular user happens to trigger it, no harm is done because your moderators can just approve the post."

[/I]see also:

Seems like some of the bots could put themselves on a time delay or post even more to break those sorts of inhibitors. If it comes down to it I'll also volunteer for clean-up-only mod. I'm not here as often as I used to be, but it's still a consistent spread throughout the week.


Yep, its become a big problem, and screening applicants is the only viable way to tackle it. An automated application system can always be circumvented if the steps are too few, maybe having a period of time before allowing posting or asking new applicants to actually commicate ( telling about themselves) might be advantageous and defeat the spambots?

If you want a mod to JUST clean up spam, count me in. I won't offer to police spats or other posters in legit discussions, but since I'm peeking at the site pretty much daily, or a couple times a day, so I can take on the deletion action if given the tools.
Since I'm freelancing on storyboards and other stuff, I cannot guarantee 100% dedicated daily coverage, but I expect to log in at least a few times a week.

The long term solution, as I understand it would be screening of applicants though--as I know of other forums that apply that method and they remain spam free.

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