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Line test program?????????

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Line test program?????????

Hello, im a in bit of a problem in our school.
we use for linetesting ernest en for the colored animation toonboom but ernest isnt working verry well, and toonboom its a bit difficult to understand.

so my question for the sake of my class :p what programs do you use for linetesting and after for animation?

many thx

There must be dozens of programs that can do this.
One of the simplest I know of is the Quicktime Player.
Once you have bought a license, you can import a sequence of images (scans), play it, and save it as a movie file.

For shooting pencil tests give Toki Line Test a try:

Free trial version to try it out to see if you like it .

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quicktime seems lot of work if you worked with ernest, toki seems not working very well at school (we tried it last year) well the teachers got to find a better solution :p

quicktime seems lot of work ...

I don't know exactly what functionality you're looking for, but I did a test in Quicktime Player the other day and it took about 5 seconds.

This is apart from any scanning time. I'd assume you'd scan in a seperate program: whichever software your scan feeder comes with.

My advice is to go to the ToonBoom forum and ask around. They will know of the alternatives.

Try Flipbook- it is VERY easy


I use FLIPBOOK by is VERY easy and I find the folks there very helpful.


Pencil test? I like MonkeyJam... it´s free:


I've been trying out some pencil test software for an upcoming project and so far Flipbook is really good and easy to use.

Monkeyjam looks great for Windows users. I'll have to try that out. Free is good.

thx for the replys they have bought a new program today :d, its take 5 hopefully it works good ;)