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Looking for an animator for an internet cartoon

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Looking for an animator for an internet cartoon

I'm a comedy writer who wants to create an internet cartoon which I'm looking for someone to animate, It will be a regular thing and have its own website.

I've wanted to make it for a while now but although I enjoy writing it I have struggled learning to animate it.

If your intrested let me know my email address is

Please remember it will be a regular thing and I need someone who can put in the time and effort.

I'm going to bump this back up because I found an animator but he has had to leave the project.

If you want to join the project e-mail

Here are the characters.

Animators are usually looking for someone who can put in some money to compensate for the time and effort. So what's in it for prospective employees, eh?

As far as money goes theres no guaranteed pay but when the site is launched I will be asking for donations and might have some advertisments which you would get a share of. So really how much you make would depend on how popular it became and I beleive if made right it will have its fans.

In other words, there's nothing in it for a participant other than a vague promise of maybe receiving an unspecified sum.
Listen, honest question here: if you have, as you say, struggled to learn animation and have consequently developed at least an inkling of how time-consuming it is, would you seriously agree to helping people you don't know personally and who haven't given you the slightest details about what they want to create with nothing but their word there may someday be some kind of recompensation? (Earned through something as unreliable as a web presence to boot?)
The people you should try and interest in your ideas first are those with the money to back you and your plans, not the people with the skills to execute your ideas as they'll invariably ask for money first. If your writing is good, funny and marketable, you will find sponsors. Then go look for people to do the handiwork.