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Books on Animation

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Books on Animation

I'm a student in highschool considering a career in animation, and I love browsing this site, though I've never posted before. In one of the other posts someone on this forum suggested a book on animation, which brought me to ask....

What books on animation would you suggest?

The Animator's Survival Kit- By Richard Williams

This book is a goodun, theres loads of stuff in there that you will need to know if you want to do animation. timing, walk cycles, lip synch etc

I recently bought 'The Fundamentals of Animation' by Paul Wells. This book has information about lots of different types of animation. It covers all the different aspects of animation and all the stages involved.

hope thats useful to you.

Certainly "The Animator's Survival Kit" .

Check out this list of animation books :

Get the Preston Blair animation books from Walter Foster Art Books (and carried in many local art stores , plus I've seen them in Barnes & Noble, and Border's Books) .

By the way, a rare first-edition of Preston Blair's first book on animation has been posted online at the ASIFA Animation Archive :

There's some good stuff in this book "Animating The Looney Tunes Way" ---

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Thanks everyone for your advice.