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Please, help me to choose the best animation schoole

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Please, help me to choose the best animation schoole

Good day people.

Since my childhood I have been having a dream to be an animator and now I try to realize it. But I don' t know vhichever of animation schools is the best. I don' t
want to lose my time in bad schools.

Please, please if you know the good answer, answer me.
I thank you in anticipation.

I think you should read the school thread in animation cafe first... it will give you many information and insight.

The Best School Is Goeblins


The best school is GOEBLINS is Paris. You have to be fluent in French and draw well.

Goeblins costs 2300 dollars a year (for most schools that will give you one class).



Gobelins is indeed fantastic.
Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Germany is also very good - but each has a very different approach to educational content and expectations which are placed on the student. Both have very strict entrance criteria.
Check the suggested thread and look at work being done by the students.
Good luck.