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Cute Alien Characters / Models Needed

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Cute Alien Characters / Models Needed

I'm looking for 4 completely different Aliens from different planets to use in the pilot Children's show I'm trying to produce. Will probably be doing the animation with a company here in India, but in keeping with the international theme of the show I would like to find and work with animators with unique, funky and interesting characters appropriate for children's television. Of course we could produce characters here, but I'm curious what people have already come up with.

Also...if you're interested in working on a character for the project called "Earthlings" let me know and I can give some direction of what we're looking for. I've seen one model I like a lot on the Threedy forum which captures the kind of style we need. The URL won't seem to work here so I'll try to attach a copy of "Bob Marley's" cool character.

Looking forward to hearing from people to discuss the details.


The link doesn't work.

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URL for Cool Character

I tried editing the URL in the original post and it is getting cut in the middle. I'm trying to change it to text which you can paste into a browser window...