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Hello i am a concept artist, 3d modeler, storyboard artist, and animator. I am currently working on a show called Angel Wars: Guardian Force... - a small independent 3d animated series with a Judeo-Christian bent. Here is my recent stuff. hope you like it.

Both of the above are for an upcoming episode of Angel Wars: Guardian Force

just series dev stuff.

new main baddie for EP 4 of angel wars...

some older artwork. A friend did the digital coloring on this one. i did the pencils and added the fx

Wow really cool,

Hows the new cintiq working for ya?


awesome stuff man..i love the blur action!:D

my goodness!
your stuff is so inspiring!!!
i also love that blur effect!
but that monster design is even better! :D

Wow really cool,

Hows the new cintiq working for ya?


It is working out great. I love it. Unfortunately ive been having to do alot mor management and 3d work over 2d art (my true love) so it isnt getting that much use right now... but it is a huuuge leap over the old 17x.

from my pet project

More stuff i dug up...

from the most recent episode we did. Ep 3: Grace and Glory This is the island where a fallen angel is banished to.

This is the fallen angels face now. he is transformed into a more demonish creature that is blind and cannot fly anymore, so he is stuck on the above island.

Here is more concept art i did for an infected demon... the green virus is taken over a fallen angel and slowly transforming him into a monster. Here are some different phases.

he is rendered here as well in a 3/4 stage b4 totally going monster...

And you can see the final monster in snippets in the trailer... a cool shot is kinda towards the end... the trailer is on that page.

You must be having a blast working on this. It looks so wonderful and the Bg's look so deliciously exciting too. Man some people have all the fun hahahahaha Great work man!


Thats amazing work, excellent designs. I need to get my act together enough to put a package together like that. Great site layout as well.

Yeah, neat! I taste essence of Mignola in some of these.

Glad you guys like it :D

Im still always learning and trying to find better ways to get my ideas across.

The show is a blast to work on. Especially since its such a small production - i get to design, storyboard and art direct it all. That means i get to see my ideas turned into animation pretty straight up... limited budgets and time schedules often mean they dont turn out just how i imagined, but the production is actually better than episodic TV stuff. Its a ridiculous amount of work at times, but such is life for a struggling artist.

thanks again. love the feedback good or bad :)

A vehicle (angel Chariot)

The show is about angels but we decided to depict their technology as extremely advanced... all powered by their spiritual strength given to them by a unseen enitity known as the Maker.

This is a "chariot" vehicle for one of the angels. It is sort of like a bike... very much inspired by the old Tron lightcycles... its front heavy propulsion design was to be very horse drawn chariot like.

the front wheel opens up to fire light burtst out of a rapid fire pinwheel type launcher.

here it is rendered on the website. it appears in epidsode 3.

Great work and the website is straight dope! I am addicted now!

very cool art workz...that trailor was dope!@:)

very cool work!!

more 4 you to look at is the rendered 3d character of the above painting for the series. Hes one of my favorites. :)

hes a big dude who stands like 8.5 feet tall.

love it:D


A T-shirt design for our series...

this is the first T-shirt i've ever drawn. I did it about 2 months ago and i think it turned out alright. Unfortunately it was printed on a plain white shirt which i dont find all that interesting, but it was fun doing a single image layout featuring the character in a t-shirt design.

Bad guy character design... he was a demon that appeared in the first episode of the Angel Wars series i worked on.

great work, when i graduate i hope i can make such 3d art like that. its just perfect