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flash rates

can anyone fill me in on the going rate for flash animation for a reasonably detailed piece involving approximately 1 minute of animation within a 6 week turnaround period:confused:

UK rate but elsewhere rates would be of interest


the iMan:cool:

should be between $400-$800

You're kidding me

1 minute of fairly involved animation for $400-800? I think those are Bombay prices.

IMHE, US rates start anywhere between $800 and $1500 and upwards, depending on a lot of factors. But never below $800. Unless you want to undercut yourself and hurt your own industry.

dont see him saying what are the rates specifically..

i can only quote MY rates.

I hate to tell you this Headache, but this is an international forum. Skinny's from Bombay, so he's going to quote the rates there. Others will quote prices in the UK, USA, China, Canada, Australia and what ever country they are from.

the Ape

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