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Need advice!!!

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Need advice!!!


Can some one tell me where to find information about animation business? I want to know how to grow my service from a single freelancer to a studio business.
Also, where to find information about growing my income by this career, or pricing my work, or something like that.

Any clue would help and I will appreciate a lot.

Thanks guys for your attention.

I'll look forward for your comments.

Best Regards,

Oscar. :D

:D By the way, I’m a 3d freelance animator, and any knowledge I have about this career had been got by self learn. I have eight years on this but the industry about animation here on my country is small. My best chance, I guess, is go online. What do you think?

So, any clue about where to get info or start my research about growing my status as animator, or as studio, will be very welcome. Also I would like to know how you can rate your work; or it is as simple fact of self determination and say, my work cost $$ because I guess so?

And please forgive me all my bad grammar or any misspelling that could have. I’m foreign and out of practice on English grammar and writing.

Any way, I’ll appreciate any suggestion or comment you would make.

Best Regards,

Oscar. :D

What is your basis of work now? (ie Illustration, Visualization...)
If you want to grow into an animation studio, I'd work from wherever you are into that.
If you want to go faster, you'll need a quality reel which proves that you are capable of producing a certain quality under timeline pressures. If you are working in 3D, this includes the management of a render farm, pipeline tools, etc. Don't underestimate pipeline no matter what the production type. I'd personally look for capable partners, so that you're not always under the pressure of calculating everyone's expenses, but have a core team that is comitted to the company because they ARE the company. Of course, chemistry has to be right, with complimentary abilities as well as personal affinity.

Err, can't really offer more than that withot knowing what realm of animation you've targeted. FX, adverts, TV series, web...

I appreciate your opinion dubermunk.

Well, my primary goals are series and entertain and I thought that Internet would be a good media for start. The fact is telling a story by 3d animation art, but I’m the first on recognize that I’m not a writer and have to learn to be one.

I made a lot of environment modeling and some architecture for others production houses. But now I targeting entertain content, and character animation. But I lie if I say now I’m sure about how and why of thinks. I don’t know how to start or plan a strategy and that is the why I would like to find information or advices that help me to see the facts, the map, and find opportunities on it.

You are right about partners, and from that perspective it looks hard to find capable ones. What do you think? It is part of the “how” thinks, the fact to find and kept capable human resource and partners, the art of make business.

Big question, thought; what is first, making the portfolio/market or, building a Studio (with all the resources it concern) then attack the market?

Thanks again for your attention dubermunk.
I’ll look forward for your replay.

Best Regards,


I wish I could help you more, but I can only answer that what comes first is what you've got to start off with. If you have an architectural reel and an environment model / shading reel pack that up short and spiffy and send it to whomever you think might be in the business.
Learn to calculate jobs, plan production of your tasks, learn to communicate, make sure your clients are happy (but don;t sell too cheap) and learn to acquire. Keep an eye out for others doing the same and for opportunities to try cooperative pitches etc. Don't jump into bed too quick. Partnerships need to evolve.

You're never ready, you never know enough - and in my experience thats been a good bit more than my competitors... ;-)

Any way thanks for all your words. I really appreciate your replay.

Best Regards,