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Graduating Demo Reel up for comments

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Graduating Demo Reel up for comments

Hi Everyone,

I've recently graduated and am creating a demo reel to look for work in traditional 2D animation. I was looking for some suggestions on how I could improve it before I send it out. I'm concentrating now on studios in the Chicago area where I live, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience freelancing for a studio in one city while living in another, is that common or something I should look into?

Here is the link

The Video and Audio Quality are much worse on YouTube than on the actual demo reel. I am new to using YouTube and don't know what type of codec will upload well. I will fix those issues as soon as possible but I think even in this state it will give you a good enough idea for you to be able to give suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Craig Brown

Nice work Craig!

You certainly have talent and skill as a 2-D animator. I'm sure you have a good shot at a successful future if you can make the right connections.
Good luck!

Nothing is impossible!