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Deadly Opponent

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Deadly Opponent

Hello's a short animation i did 3 month's my graduation will be great to hear comments and crits...thank you...cheeerssss...:)

I really like it - I like the way the dug thing explains the whole situation at the end.

I was almost expecting the red drop to become the little red man again.

All the charactor animation is spot on.

I looked again - you've revialed the end of the film in the thumbnail - don't do that, you ruin the surprise.

Mike Futcher -

That was very nice! I have to agree with yogyog. You may want to redo that thumbnail so as not to ruin the ending.



thanks a lot yogyog and Sandrock for ur comments..i'm happy to hear that u like it..but the problem here is that i can't control this thumbnail it's Google itself who choose and put a random shot from the short..:o...i'm also unhappy with this thumbnail...cheersss...

Hmmm, the same character is represented as opposing forces. Looks more like an adult ad rather than one intended for a young audience. We don't know anything about the character other than his physical "struggle". I would like to see you try your hand at portraying the character's mental/emotional/spiritual struggle---what has brought her/him to this point. Quite a trick to do it in the same time span, nes pas? Nah, scratching the head and just nodding really does not do it for me, but that's my opinion so who cares, right?


Thanks Zabrisa...yeah i think it's for adult more than young people...mmmm...why "who cares??" the way i care i like to hear opinions..YES u need to know character's history and show their mental struggle ...but like this it will be too long and the main idea will be lost..what do u think??..anyway thx..and..Cherrrssss..:)

Will there be a written message shown/narrator stating the message in this video?


No Zabrisa i don't think so...why? do u think it needs a narrator or something??..Thx..

I viewed it as just one character throughout. However, one can argue that instead of one character struggling with himself/hersef it is in fact two different characters since they sport different colors. The message then becomes less clear.