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First Job???

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First Job???

Hey guys,

Looking for advice for jobs related to animation where I would be able to start not knowing much but be learning at work as well as on my own (through courses). Anyone have any suggestions on positions that I could look for???

Thanks in advance

A pretty good job like that at a studio would be something like a Production Assistant job. They pretty much do all kinds of things like Xeroxing storyboards, doing spread sheets, and doing all sorts of things to help out the production. You get to know the production crew and if there are some background things to work on, and there isn't a time crunch you can try your hand at art stuff. Another good position you can look for is a Storyboard Revisionist. For this you clean up the the storyboarder's drawings putting them clearer and more on model. There are other's but I can't think of them at the moment.

the Ape

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thanks ape. do you know of good resources online that have job listings. i would be looking in the boston area.


Just tossin my two cents in here. You ay want to look up companies in your area first then give a quick look for jobs. I'd think it'd be unlikely that you'd find much along the lines of what you're looking for. From my experiences, it's best to contact the companies regardless of job postings(unless they have a big red flashy banner on their site telling you to never email them unless you have free money... but that's rare).

We had a kid drop into Fatkat a couple summers back and just asked politely to help around the studio. He did everything from putting together desks and chairs to attempting some animation on a show. Now he works there during the summer and is probably one of the only kids in his class who'll be graduating with 4 months of studio experience and credit on at least 2 different tv shows under his belt. I woulda killed for that!

Good luck!

i was thinking about that, just calling up and telling them my situation and stuff. i wasn't sure if that was a bad idea. maybe i will, thanks!