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Sexy Alien Cartoon Band

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Sexy Alien Cartoon Band

This is an alien cartoon band music video I just finished. It parodies the blatant sexuality in music videos, so be careful where you view it. Its probably rated PG.

Its really a "one man band" since I did all the animation and the music. Let me know what you think :)


very very cool

animation was really smooth and I know that takes alot of work when your working with animating timed to playing an instrument and singing...loved it

I've come here to do two things: chew bubblegum and kick ass...and im all out of bubblegum. :mad:

Well done! Really enjoyed it. Your cuts and transititions were great and kept on tempo.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Hey Moose, great work. That was really fun and well done. I really liked the shot where the girl is swinging her hips in a circle while she's stepping around in a circle. Good stuff.

the Ape

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Thanks guys! :)

Super cool!


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Wow the timing on the animation was fantastic. You did everything including modeling, lighting editing as well? Impressive. About how long did it take you to do: months? Years?

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Yep, I am solely to blame for this one. From concept to going live on the website was about 3 months. But it was 3 months of 14 hour days. A good portion of the animation is both looped and reused in multiple shots. 3d is very helpful with this because you just move the camera and its not so obvious. I also stuck to really basic textures and lighting.. and no 3d backgrounds.

Thanks for the kind words :)


It's still very impressive. I've grown tired of watching the same stock characters moved around. You put together something really entertaining.

I loved the music as well.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Wow, that is amazingly impressive that you did that all by yourself. I did 3d animation for a little over a year and I saw how there are so many aspects of it to know: modeling, rigging, texture mapping, animating, lighting, effects, that I realized that to not only understand each of those aspects, but be talented at them would take many, many years to learn. So I just focused on animation, and was able to produce some decent work, but even just exploring that was exhausting.

My hat's off to you for not only creating a great animated piece, but for having the desire and drive to do it all on your own.


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Freakin' awesome, dude! You must be earning serious money! You must be, otherwise your talent is being wasted!!!! You are earning some serious dough at Revver and other places, aren't you?

very catchy

Really nicely done! I enjoyed it.


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Thanks guys! Zabrisa, nope.. not much money yet. Right now I am getting about $6 per 1000 views from the ads. So even one million views would only be $6000. But if it becomes popular I think there are additional ways to monetize it (merchandising, mobile phone content).

I am having the song tweaked and re-produced right now by a pro musician, so I've stopped promoting it for a few weeks. Once that is done I am going to promote it heavily and see if it takes off. I'll keep ya posted!

Thanks again for all the feedback,

MouseMan, you are one mean gun for hire! Like you said, mobile phone content, but also music videos---Gorilaz comes to mind. That band can sell anything, from the inocuous and innocent at one extreme---you will obviously have to tone down the dancer a bit---to the really nasty and pornographic at the other end---let your imagination run wild with her! ;) I envy you, brother!!! I'm sure you have other characters in your stable, so how about sharing them with us?

Please do tell the software you use and the training you've had.

Thanks, Zabrisa :) Unfortunately, this is all I have to show right now (except the BoogieBunny from an earlier post of mine). Like many of us, 99% of my animation has been other people's characters. But I hope to change that! As for software, I did this in Maya. And my training has mostly been on the job.. I worked for many years at Will Vinton Studios (now called Laika) and Sony Pictures Animation.


Yo, Mouse! You speak about your jobs in the past tense. So I guess you now freelancing, aint ya? Do tell us what was it like working for both of your employers in terms of projects you were involved in, the fellow artists you had the chance to work with, the amount of creative freedom you had, etc.

You should by now have your very own web site, so do spill them beans and let us have the address.

In passing (pun not meant but intended), a friend of mine once asked why beat a dead pig when a suicidal butterfly will do. After much reflection I came to the true meaning of that there string of words---a dead pig couldn't care less but the suicidal butterful would be most thankful. This is just an idea for a very twisted music video. Now all we have to do is find a worthy song!!!:D


Hey dude nice job. I recently saw an other alien cartoon it was called alien dinner theater it was weird but freakin' funny!!!!!!!!! here is the web site

Zabrisa, I started my own business about a year ago. Sony and Vinton are great places to work with lots of creative opportunities and very talented people, I've just always wanted to run my own business. I think you should go for it with your pig and butterfly video! Pitbull, that short looks really fun! Thanks for all the interest. I'll be out of town for a few weeks on a family vacation :)

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