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FreeVoice Animations

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FreeVoice Animations

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to bring a couple of animations to your attention. It’s a series of animated commercials for the Dutch organisation FreeVoice. I and three other animation students made these animations in 4 months, in 2005, as part of our third year studying Animation at the Utrecht School of Arts, in the Netherlands. We developed everything from concept to finished commercial.

We’ve made 7 different commercials, each with their own story, technique(3D, 2D, stopmotion etc.) and style. All animations highlight an aspect of the importance of free and independent media.

The commercials will be aired this month in the Netherlands on the web and tv after which they’ll go around the world.

We hope you’ll like them and we also hope you’ll take a look at the FreeVoice website, it’s a great organisation.

[I][B]“What & Who is Free Voice

Free Voice the media organization in the Netherlands that strives for:
- independent and multiform media
- balanced and reliable journalistic press freedom in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The foundation Free Voice was established on August 25, 1986 under the name Communication Development Cooperation Foundation (SCO, Stichting Communicatie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking). On May 3, 2004 the organization has been renamed Free Voice…”[/B][/I]

For more information check the FreeVoice website:

You can see the commercials at the following address:

I tried to watch some of them, but not knowing the language or what the commercials were supposed be about it was hard. Perhaps you could give a synopsis of what the commercials are about?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Nice Work


Very nice work, excellent use of various styles and techniques. Congratulations on getting the work on TV!


very nice

very nice. i like it.