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Animation Industry in Europe

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Animation Industry in Europe

Hi everyone, I'm new to the board so it's a pleasure to meet everyone on this great site.

I was wondering about the growth of the animation industry in Europe. Is traditional animation more popular in Europe than 3-D? Are there any big animation studios in Europe?

I'm hoping to study animation in the UK in the next few years (Newport School of Animation) and I would like to stay in the UK and find a job, so if anyone knows anything about animation in Europe, please post! :eek:

Welcome to AWN!

Staying in the UK is certainly a viable option. I studied in Bournemouth, and then worked in visual effects in London, and there are plenty of really great studios in the UK. I would say France has the best places to study (Supinfocom and Le Gobelins), and Britain has the best places to earn your pennies. That's what I would do, were I making the choices you have before you now.

Hope this helps!

welcome to the forums, friend... can't say I know much about the industry yet but I'm learnin'...

Wow, it never occured to me to study in France. That sounds very tempting....If only I was fluent in French!

I haven't seen much of European animation (actually, none at all). Could anyone reommend me some good animated films/shorts?

I know there are others, but this is the first one that came to mind:

Made in France, it has almost no dialogue. It's wierd, wacky and wonderfully animated all at the same time.

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

In Europe the animation is usually orientated around more artistic visions rather then theatrical releases. Although in England we asre most famous for our clay stop motion animations such as "Wallace and Gromit", "Chicken Run" and "Creature Comforts" All from the same company Aardman. The only way you could really get a job in 3D would probably to joing a games company as England is home to some of the biggest games around "Tomb Raider" and "Driver" I'm not to sure about traditional animation but i remember hearing that Godfrey studios in london was the place to be during the 70's if such a place still exsists i don't know.

i think in europe 2d is just as popular as 3d,it see,s europeans seem to focus more on the *art* of animation more than the financial part.

An European point of view

hi there! I studied and lived in the Uk for 8 years. I wouldn't say that Newport is a good choice of college, I was actually offered a place there both a student (when I wanted to do a BA) and later on as (believe it or not) a tutor, which I refused because, well... it just isn't that good. I think that you would be better of at the Edinburgh college of art and design , sure Scotland is bloody cold but, Edinburgh is a great city and the course as a nice mixture of both the artistic and the technical sides of animation.

About the industry... The uk has a really big mixture of different styles of animation, from the more artistic to the famous sausage factories, also don't forget that london has some pretty famous vfx houses like mpc, double negative, framestore and the mill. Here's some of my favourite studios:

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

fazen,thanks for em links.

passion-pictures have been my fave for a while now.

Oh wow! Thanks for all those links!

I heard of Edinburg college of art, but I think the animation program there is MA only? I'm currently studying at the Pasadena Art Center of College Design in Pasadena, CA. We don't have any animation programs, but we are starting an Entertainment based curriculum.

I'm definately thinking of studying animation in Europe, I just need to find a few good schools.

Wold you say that animation in Europe is more closely related to Japanese animation (story wise) than American animation?

So far everyone on the board has been extremely helpful, thanks a bunch!!

Wold you say that animation in Europe is more closely related to Japanese animation (story wise) than American animation?

well since europe is more or less right in the middle of the japan and america its hard to say lol.


OH..HELLO..i live in portugual..and people always said to me that bournemouth is the best university in europe for animation..but say that french schools are you really think so?:o

Looking at the work coming out of the schools in the last few years, I would say that the French schools are way ahead, yes.

Hope that helps,

Olá Mawn!
I would say that bournemouth might be too technical if you really want to be an animator. French universities, especially gobelins, are definately the new "black" (fashionably speaking, of course :p)
I wish I knew that when I started studying animation....

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"