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Ok maybe it was 6 minutes lol,

I actually did it lol I don't get much time during the day to I have to be fast. I noticed some things wrong with the way she was drawn thats because I was in a hurry. so I'm going to fix it. Longer hair? I'll see what I can do Heathen. Thanks for liking the pic. As Im liking your stuff too.

Mr. Jab, I can't wait to see your entrant.

Mr Phreak......what can I say I just visited your gallery.........your too good lol ...grouss (did I spell that right?) but good lol.


made the changes

go back to the centaur sketch, I put the new drawing there so you can see the changes....

I pulled the horses tummy out so it was in front of the stifle (rear leg) and also I dropped the woman down and back so there wasn't a wierd bump at the withers.(Where the body meets the chest of the horse) I also lengthend the legs too. So what you guys think? look any better?

Oh and I added her holding a flower......My wife said she originally looked like she had her hand on her tummy and was saying, "Excuse me I burpped" hahahahaha lmao!


completely drawn on my wacom ugh!!! what a chore lol but it was

hope you guys like it? let me know?


aww man

that's really cool! every time you draw something I think, 'damn I like this one the most'! hehe. what'cha do for a living?

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

that is so amazing!!!
how'd you draw so well?!
the textures are so realistic and amazing!!!
specially the water ripple effects!

just...simply amazing!

What the others said, very well done indeed. Did you work from a model/photo? What about taking the drawing as a basis, making it a little more "specific" and entering it into the contest, knowhaddahmtalkinbout?

morning all

Hi evryone,

JAB, never thought of that....hummmmmmm? maybe make her robotic or a flying mermaid or something like that . cool idea. thanks for liking it. and yes I used a model. shameless me hahahaha. a lil story for ya, When I was younger...way younger , I had the opprotunity to meet one of my all time favorite artist. Norman Rockwell. I visited his studio and in that one short day, I soaked up everything I could about what he did to bring together life into his art. Most everything he done was thru photographs. He would make all of his artistic changes but still would use photos to capture some of the feel. He told me...." Use what ever god gave you as talent but also use what ever will help you achive your desired result. " God I would have loved to apprenticed under him.

Thanks for your comments. I draw everything I see and never stop drawing. everything from lil bugs to clouds.........this helps me remember how things look. I also draw things only in contrast these help me learn to draw all the shadows and some of the effects.


I'm a construction manager, I build custom homes. other than that I also every now and again do a coloring book or's a living I guess.

wow cart your getting better and better! That last drawing on the wacom turned out beautiful. Love the details. Which Wacom did you buy by the way? I need to get ahold of one of those soon.

Looking good Cartune, looking good. Makes me want to take a swin :D :D

Haha u really caught me off gaurd today with the phone call. Hahahhah. When they mentioned ur name to me i was oh no r the collectors after me again nooooooo. So u can imagne my relife and show when it was u.:D Sorry i couldn't talk to much we're in the middle of gettin a deadline done so sorry for my lack of conversation.

thanks Damage and Nonsense!

i appreciate the comments.....oh and Damage ...deadlines come first ahahaha. Sorry if i interupted anything.

Mr. nonsense.. The pic in question was drawn on my cintyc (did i spell that right?) by wacom and I also own a wacom intuos tablet I think its a 9x something tablet with a pencil tool and different tips.

I'm working on other stuff and hope to post it soon. thanks again guys.



Hey man! Just my 2cents on your preeevious comments. I respect that. lots of people go on about how it's 'cheating' to use photo reference, but people have been doing the same thing for 100 years, and I think whatever makes your work better, why not??? Why re-invent the wheel! It's what you put into it, which makes it yours and makes it good. I do the same, and damn, it works!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Phreak has a point. I'd say tracing is "cheating", all you need for that is hands and eyes. As soon as a brain is interconnected and you interpret and draw freely, that's where the fun begins.

hi Jab,

Yes Phreak has a very valid point. I currently found thow that I can sit at my drawing table and draw to my hearts content, but when I go to the cyntic or the wacom I am so stupid.....what is it?, confidence or just shear inability? hahaha
I know there is a learning curve to anything but geemanie christmas!! it isn't easy. Do you have a drawing tablet?

I'm seriously considering going back to school that is.


I had to draw a Pirate

This isn't done mind you...but it was fun to sketch and this is another wacom scketch and completely from my head......maybe I should use a model? huh?


Awsome job there Cartune, I was actually sick of pirate since when i went to SDCC with my friend Ceci all she wanted to talk about was Jack Sparrow. You brought me back though. Aaarrrrrhhhhhh.

Hey Cartune U should try using the program Sketch book Pro from Alias for ur cintiq. It a great drawing program wich simulated actual drawing very well. A friend recommended it to me and now i can only draw in that program when i'm doing visual D or orignal concept sketches for work.

Thanks everyone,

Arrrrr, I couldn't leave well enough alone hahahahahaha. Should I just trash this pic?

Hey damage? I'm actually building a table that will hold my cintiq just like a drawing board. Thanks for the tip....As soon as I get another job hahahah, ugh! I'll invest in it.


ok here is a quikie.....another tablet drawing ....I was trying to attempt extreme action. It needs alot of work but I see this guy hurtaling over an overturned chariot.....(I watched the Gladiator last night hahaha). and before anyone points it out I'm going to repostion his left leg ....right now he looks like he would have a major gimp! hahahahah .. man maybe i should just stick to drawing women huh?


I'd move the guy's left leg to the side to work it into the silhouette. Also neat, though. I love how easy painting is under PS but I admittedly can't get warm with drawing directly on the Wacom.

I agree with jabberwocky about the leg, and also I would maybe break the tangent where the sword tip and arm meet. Other than that, this is cool! good energy in it, and well done for drawing straight into computer, I too have problems doing that

hahahahah ya I know all about the darn foot and leg I think I had my bifocals on upside down hahahahah thanks for the crits and advice I'll use it for sure.....thanks!


I agree with both Jabberwocky and thee_nethken, If you were to shade in the whole thing black would the action be clear? I like he drawing and th feeling of it. Oh and the tangents mentioned aaahhh they r so hard to control. I also always seem to over look them and then they get pointed out to me too. Overall good drawing though. :D

a tablet??

You did THAT with a tables? I can't even draw a homer simpson eyeball on my tablet.

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

[QUOTE=damage]If you were to shade in the whole thing black would the action be clear?

so that's what the definition is of "strong silhouette" is ha...ok im gonna remeber that...good action john, hard pose for sure.

Yo, some Blizzard-related heads-up. I just received a mail telling me they indeed had trouble with their servers which is why they extended their deadline until Wednesday. Best submit your stuff again for good measure. I just did and got a confirmation screen. Unless you've seen it, I doubt they got your submission.


... another tablet drawing ....

You gotta be kidding! I'm amazed by guys who draw with these ding darn contraptions! Been struggling to use mine for a while now. Just starting to get the hang of it but my stuff still ain't pretty -or it is pretty (Pretty Ugly)!

Anyway, as always I'm amazed by the range you have.

All the best.

Thanks Bupaje,

Ya, its taken me quite a while to get this far with that ding dang tablet. If you have one, try using different tips and also try using the paint brush and different sizes to achieve a line you feel comfy with. Also when drawing set your file at a hi resolution and draw on a larger scale. the pic of the pirate girl was drawn at I think, if I remember right, at 1200dpi I used the paint brush tool in PS at a size 1 to size three. ( thick and thin brush) I also set the brush intensity to 50% and set the flow of color to 65 % then I went back and added more color/flow of color and cleaned it up. I also have been learning to draw in layers. Do your prelim in a color (i use red) that you can see and then on a new layer clean it up once you reach the desired look you can delete the prelim drawing. Don't worry it will come to ya.


I saw I saw I saw

Great stuff Cartuneman :D

I must hurry, for there they go and I am their leader

Now where did I put that ...

1200 dpi???????

you must have a beast of a computer hehe

actually it's a render farm hahahahahahaha 3 towers and two screens is that big enough? Oh and a cyntiq and a wacom too. ya it's a big toy just wish I knew how to use it all........:o

I got lucky and baught it from a guy that was big into 3D work.......just wish his talents came with it hahahahahaha.


actually it's a render farm hahahahahahaha 3 towers and two screens is that big enough? Oh and a cyntiq and a wacom too. ya it's a big toy just wish I knew how to use it all........:o

First off thanks for the brush/wacom tips. :)

OT but on the "bought it but don't know how to use it" issue you reminded me of my brother. My bro is a computer programming genius, does consulting work for big net companies. When he was starting out, back around the time that personal computers used cassettes for disk drives, he went to an auction and saw this monsterous reel to reel computer (I have no idea what exactly it was but it was about the size of 4 refrigerators). He had to have it. Put it in the basement and hooked it up. Wasn't sure how he was going to use it but when he got the electric bill the thing had used something like $600 in electricity just sitting there -and this would have been late 70's. He got rid of it right after that. ;)

Sounds like you got a better deal though. :)

hahahahahahaha Bup!

ya I'm a sucker for flashing lights and buttons......always have been. My wife says it makes to much noise when I turn it on hahahahaha (all the cooling fans running) but hey the CPU's keep my feet warm in the winter hahahahahaha. :D


You're back!! Good. It's way too quiet without you.

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Im jealous!!!!!!!! :mad:

hahaha :D

hahahha thee nethken,

Don't be I don't know how to use it all hahhaaha.....well my Halloween coloring books came out here is a pic from it any one with kids that like it ........let me know and I can e-mail you other pics for the munchkins to color... Happy Halloween!

Oh and pfreak..........Never knew that I was missed hahahahahaha Thanks man!


just another mermaid

ugh!!! Just another mermaid hahahaha,

I got up way to early this morning and thought I'd sketch with my wacom and of course I'm kinda stuck on drawing pretty womens! so I started another mermaid. boaring huh?


that's a beaut..i like how you do faces, good softness about them.. propz on the wacom sketch!


Great great great looking mermaid dude!!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Thanks guys,

I'll post a update as soon as I finish the mermaid. But till then Happy Halloween everyone!!



Nice stuff!! Did you do it all over this weekend?? :eek: Great work ethic!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

great style. you should drop some color on those...:)

Hello Cartuneman....
I was in the neigborhood, thought I'd pop in....
Ha ha... I looooove the little bat on the pumpkin... so cute....
Frankenstein also really cool..... not so sure I'd still be standing in the doorway if he showed up for trick or treating.... :D

I love it...

I must hurry, for there they go and I am their leader

Now where did I put that ...

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone,

Thanks Zoo for the nice comments heh, lol these were just some quick art for a coloring book glad you liked them anyway lol.

Katana, ya I'd color them but my kids ge mad at me if I do lol they wanna be the only ones to color them. hahahahah

Phreak, thanks mate......( I actually drew these back in January for a coloring book company.)
I finally hit on a comic book style Idea and Im going to do a few pages. Really I am hahaha The Comic book Idea is "Spider Kid" instead of spider man or spider woman and I'm going to make it saterical, what ya think?


Ok! i know I'm double posting but what the heck.......:rolleyes: Ok here is a lil challenge to all the fine folk here in this thread......nothing to win, nothing to loose in this challenge just a freindly lil draw off hahahahahahahahaha and everything to gain!!!!!!!! (more talent hahahahaha)

so Draw!!!!! (I know I'm one to speak hahahahahaha)


thanks for the kind words in my thread cart... im still going at it ;) , anyways i know where your going with this like in animationforum... you want us to post drawings in your thread?

nope!!! just draw something fantastic and post it in your own thread .....I'll be looking and trying to out do ya hahahahaha:D



SpiderKid! Hehe. Neat idea, specially for a spoof!
Marvel dis a spoof called Peter Porker long ago!

PS....Taking you up on the challenge! Got to draw 'earthworm jim, with cows'??? How's that for a weird request?

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

wtf haha... i love earthworm jim......and cows,so lets do it up!, cart join in on this one. this is kinda like my old theme challenge thread rofl.

It's oooon!

The guantlet has been catapulted! Hehe. Earthworm Jim Vs. Cows.
dum dum deeee dum (The theme song from enter the called enter the earthworm) dum dum deeeeee dum

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

ok this isn't Earthworm jim ok?!

This weekend is my wife and I's aniversary and she got me a new big screen flat monitor and I had to draw her pic to see what it looked like man you should see this pic on this end omg! Thanks my baby! Love you!!

i had to tell her I love her hahahahaha she's looking over my shoulder.

Just kidding babydoll, I really do love her!


wow beautiful! draw this on your wacom? i just got one myself