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Animators and Action Figures

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Animators and Action Figures

In pretty much all Pixar making-ofs you see animators' offices (or cubicles) littered with all kinds of action figures. I'm by no means a collector but even I can't resist the lure of nerdy toys from time to time. My own (pathetic) "collection", on display on a bookshelf above my PC, consists of
- a Blizzard Entertainment "Diablo"
- an American McGee's Alice "White Rabbit" (I want the Mad Hatter! If the Jabberwock action figure actually looked like the model used in the game, I'd be all game)
- a Dragon's Lair "Mordoc" (I was really lucky to get one!)
- my favourite, a finely crafted Brain-the-Gremlin action figure
- a small Bandai Monkey D. Luffy figurine
- a Masters of the Universe Orco (new series, but for old times' sake)
- a comparably flimsy Episode-II-Yoda
- a much larger Yoda figurine that works like an 8-ball: you press his left hand and he'll spout random yes/no answers to the deep questions about the mysteries of the universe

So, what do you all collect? I'm sure there must be some pretty extensive collections out there, leering down at you while you work.

Ok, my collection is even more pitiful that yours, all I've got is a skeleton boy and girl from "corpse bride"! and I didn't even get it for myself, it was a christmas present from a housemate.

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I've got:

The Mystery Machine figurine with the Shaggy and Scooby figures that sit inside at the steering wheel.

Scooby and Shaggy talking plush

Lightning McQueen Happy Meal toy

Mini Mojo Jojo punching bag

Spider-Man plush (that I won from Six Flags)

I had the reissue of He-Man and BattleCat and Skeletor and Panthor mint in box, but they were stolen.

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My collection at work is quite small compared to what I have at home. I change it up now and then. Right now I have di-cast models of the reliant and enterprise from Wrath of Kahn, an original 12 inch cylon from the 70's Battlestar Gallactica and a 12 inch Chebawca- probably the ugliest action fugure I have ever seen!

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I hate to admit what I have around my computers. But here goes:

A stuffed Opus (Opi Biggus Snozololus), and a LaaLaa, yellow TellyTubby keychain, I found on the road. Just because I thought it deserved more than being run over. I swear I am not a fan of the TellyTubbies!

Oh and several assorted chia pets, because a friend of mine decided I collect them and has proceeded to give a gift of a chia pet for miscellaneaous occassions. I don't want them in my livingroom, so they are relegated to my computer room.

And a stuffed Curly from the 3 Stooges that my niece grabbed in one of those coin operated things, and thought was ugly, so like the Telly Tubby it found a way to my computer room.

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There's a lot less now than there used to be in my office, but a casual glance around reveals:

A stuffed Gonzo the Great signed by Dave Goelz
Mr. Potato Head as Darth Vader
Two Stickfas figures riding a sea monster designed by Stan Winston
Most of the Stan Winston gargoyles figures from a few years back
A Snoopy and Woodstock bookend holding up my DVDs
A bobblehead of the team captain for our local pro indoor lacrosse team
...and my pride and joy...
My collection of 1/64 Batmobiles; one of every incarnation of that ride that there's ever been in TV or movies (I am missing the 1/64 from "The Batman" cartoon, so if anyone knows where I can get one...;))


Oh gawd, am I about to get into trouble.........this is my kinda thread......

Anyone that knows me, has seen my "basement" ( now actually an attic bedroom studio area) knows how hardcore a collector I am.

My collecting hobby has mirrored my working hobby year by year. I've got a very large collection, and have displayed some stuff in-studio when I've worked there. At one brief shining monent, I was able to display all of a full basement toy-room...........Haredevil Hare and a few others would know of this.........its was glorious........
I've been a bit of a toy pusher as well, turning people on to the am bad.

Currently, my collection is about approx. 450 vintage & current 12" GIJOE or similar-brand military/adventure type figures & assorted vehicles ( helicopters, jeeps,motorcycles--used to have a tank), some 200+ 3 3/4" GIJOE figures and vehicles, about 200 superhero action figures, couple dozen Gundams and other stuff.

Here's a list of what I'm currently collecting:

-Marvel Legends ( absolutely LOVE this line--best superhero action figures ever done. I've got a couple retailers pipelining the stuff to me just to make sure i get them.)
-Marvel Superhero Showdown
-Soon to get Marvel Icons
-Takara Microman Superheroes
-Some DC Superheroes--but not DC Direct
-12" GIJOE, and all similar brands--currently on a "vintage" Repro kick--via the 40th Anniversary GIJOE sets now discontinued.
-3 3/4" GIJOE--though sparsely now--and mostly the vehicles and newer figures interest me.
-Might get a couple more GIJOE: Sigma Six figures, and some of the upcoming 2 1/2" vehicles
-Big Jim--a vintage 70's sports adventure toy line.
-Art Asylum Star Trek TOS figures--might do the newer TNG ones too.
-I look occasionally at Gundam figures and model kits, but haven't gotten any of late.
-I'm salivating over the Fine Molds 1/72 scale Millenium Falcom model kit ( over 800 parts!), but at a cost of $250.........nah, my wife would eviscerate me.
I dabble in brands like NECA, SOTA, MsFarlane and other action figure makers when they create something that interest me and that doesn't make my wallet scream.

I've collected almost every major brand that's been made in the past 30-40 years, at one time or another, having seasons in my collecting. Stuff like Major Matt Mason, and Ninja Turtles once graced my shelves, but have since been sold or traded off. My biggest trait is I collect well-articulated figures--they have to be posable.

So.........yes.........I'm passionate about my toys.

And I'm crazy.

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Stuff like Major Matt Mason, and Ninja Turtles once graced my shelves, but have since been sold or traded off.

Major Matt Mason? Oh my gawd; I had all that stuff as a kid - was a big fan of the Major! :D I loved the alien with the transparent head; he was the greatest.

Phacker, chia pets? :)


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It seems I trade off every other job. One job I'll go nuts, then the next I'm a minamalist. At my last job at Cartoon Network I had the whole Tiki Lounge thing going complete with vintage United and Pan Am Hawaii travel posters, reed fencing all the way around my cube, and an "Aloha" matt at the door.

Now All I really have is a huge "Squidie" from the Matrix on my monitor, a little RC Indredimobile, a ceramic sumo wrestler, a Dinoco blue Lightning McQueen, and regular red version. Thats it really. I'm slowly tring to streamline the junk I buy, but those damn little Cars cars are so nicely sculpted!

the Ape

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On my to-get list are:

-The Mad Hatter from the American McGee's Alice line

-Alice and Cheshire Cat from the same line

-Singe from the Dragon's Lair line (I feel I have to see him assembled IRL before I can decide because he's really more of a kit)

-Max in his Wild Thing costume from the Where The Wild Things Are line (I really like the pose and the design)

-the Troll Shaman from the World of Warcraft action figure line

-a prequel trilogy Droideka (maybe a kit instead of an action figure)

-Kain and Lieutenant Raziel from the Blood Omen/Soul Reaver toy line

-Oh, and maybe one or two from the Invader Zim line, although those must be hard to get. This mega-GIR's nice. (Comes with a doggie suit out of cloth - SUCKS!)

my GIR's got red eyes! Where did you get the blue eyed GIR?

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Uh Oh!

Right. You asked for it...

- Five 12" Star Wars Maquettes made by Kotobukiya from Japan (I only get the high quality ones)

- A 10" robot from Laputa, also from Japan - a rare find on eBay.

- An Uglydoll

- Emily from Corpse Bride

- A 6" Gromit

- A blue eyed Gir

- Lots of little Tim Burton characters on top my monitor

- A couple of Zelda game characters too...

- A wooden tree with monkeys hanging from it. Made for pre-schoolers and animators.

The best thing is on its way, although it's not really a toy. I am getting a feature grade Gromit. Had the rig made back home in Britain and it is being skinned by a friend who used to make them at Aards. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Geek on!

I personally do not collect dolls, but I admire some of them from afar.

I like these ANIMATED sculptures: characters frozen in mid-intense-action:

my GIR's got red eyes! Where did you get the blue eyed GIR?

The online store's address is in the graphic's link. I don't own that GIR yet, I'd like to.

I'm a toy designer at the moment in my ongoing career exploration of being a "visual development artist who wants to work in feature animation", so it's nice to have an excuse for my toy and action figure collecting. ;) I'm collecting a few lines, but as far as the standard action figures go, I try to collect just the female characters...cause there are so few of them?

I rotate out what I've got around my computer at home and at work, so it could be and has been a combination of the following most recently:
- McFarlane Dragons
- the Crow (Neca)
- Gagne's Twisted Rabbits (Sideshow)
- Ugly Dolls (vinyl)
- Lenore and friends
- various Neopets
- some rolypoly Madagascar penguins
- various aquapets
- Disney "Hercules-Pegasus"
- Disney "Mulan-Genghis Khan"
- X-men Storm
- X-men Phoenix
- Dragonheart dragon
- King Kong dinosaur
- Hellboy Jr.
- Spawn Mangler
- Spawn Supersize Angela
- various Breyer horses, big to small (nice horse reference)
- various Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (episode 1)
- 30" Godzilla (new movie version - I love the old style, but liked the sheer size and the sound of the new one, heh)
- mini plush Wishbone characters
- various Schleich knights on horses and other characters
- various Star Wars characters, 6"; Han Solo riding TaunTaun (14", I think)
- Sideshow LOTR Fellbeast
- McFarlane's Gretel (twisted fairy tales)


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I have a big bag full of action figures that I've accumulated over the years (I never actually buy them, people know it's my prefered Christmas/birthday gift); the only ones I keep at my desk are Astroboy and J. Jonah Jameson. I like J. Jonah, he keeps me motivated.

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My brother gave me a belated birthday present today, a totall bitchin' Davy Jones action figure with diorama set piece who overtakes Brian-the-gremlin on my list of favourites.

ive got more than action figures so ill elabroate the toys in my personal office space.

1997 F1 World Champion Winning Car Jacques Villenueve Williams Renault 1:18
1998 F1 Ferrari of Michael Schumacher 1:18
Lamborghini Gallardo Yellow 1:18
MV Augusta mini scale model
Superman Animated Series Model Mini
Batman Animated Series Model Mini
12" Spider Man
Eiffel Tower Swarovski with Lighting Base

I am looking to get a Batman Returns Scale figure and a Apollo Rocket scale model (which i picked out but the sonofabitch dropped and shattered to pieces)

sorry for bragging.