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"Remembering Percy"

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"Remembering Percy"

Here's an animated short I finished recently. I use Toon boom Studio running on a MAC G4 with a Wacom Cintiq tablet. I make animations purely for the fun of it. To me it's a wonderful hobby now that I'm retired.

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Nothing is impossible!

Nothing is impossible!

Fantastic I watched it twice. Keep sharing.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Hey TopDrawer I see you've made one post in the Cafe, how about mosying back over there and introducing yourself. Some of those people never make it to the Show and Tell area. I think you are going to fit right in and I am sure Larry would like to see your stuff. Introduce yourself and list some links. Larry rarely shows up here in Show and Tell. And don't let Harvey scare you away.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Thanks for your kind response to my short, "Remembering Percy".
I took your suggestion and peeked into the Animation Cafe. There's an awful lot of arguing going on there. Interesting and amusing to read, but I don't think I'll get involved. I'm not the type. I have other examples of my efforts at animation, which I could post here. If I do, I would appreciate your feedback!

Thanks again!

Nothing is impossible!

That's not the usual thing for the Cafe. Occassionally some of the folks like to stir the waters from time to time. But it's usually a place for introductions and questions.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Nice stuff!

...very layed back, with an easy pace. Kind of a classic feel to it. :)

Must be nice to be retired...I'm jealous!


Nice short Topdrawer. Is this semi-autobiographical? It has that lazy, country, Norman Rockwell feel to it. The narrator reminds me of Hank Hill from King of the Hill. It's great that you get to animate purely for fun. Keep up the good work and we'd love to see more of your work.

Yeah, the Cafe stirs up a couple times a year. Usually it's people asking animation questions and so forth.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Thanks, Splatman and Animated Ape!

I appreciate your response to my work.
Actually, Percy is a fictional character, but there was such a barber shop when I was a kid. The humor in the story is derived largely from jokes I remember hearing from my dad and and some of his friends.

Nothing is impossible!

Great work! Consider entering it in some film festivals. Explore for festival information. Would love to see more.


Get some "Good Advice" at

Thanks, AlanO

I was not aware of without a box It looks like a great source of info.
I have submitted Percy to the Bitfilm Festival in Germany and I plan to enter it in the next TGSNT competition, San Francisco. One of my shorts was a finalist in that event last year.

Thanks again!

Nothing is impossible!

Product Placement?

Wait a minute. At first glance you might think it was a sweet, funny, folksy tale about a Mayberry-ish barber, but what it really turns out to be is a cleverly disquised infomercial for Cow Viagra! ;>)


Ted Nunes -

Thanks Ted!

I looked at your work, really outstanding stuff. I notice you're in Nashville.
One of my best friends is an illustrator and watercolorist there. His name is
Buford Winfrey. Maybe you know him.

Nothing is impossible!


Oh, hey, there you go. Now I've finally noticed that you're in Memphis. My sister lives there. Memphis is too hot in the Summer and flat, but a good music scene. (of course, Nashville is too hot and humid, too...I just love pointing fingers).

Nope, I don't think I know Buford. I knew a Carlton Winfrey in college (a cousin to Oprah, I think...I met her once, too). My friend Dan Brawner might know him though. He's another illustrator and seems to know everyone.

Keep on making those animated shorts. --T

Ted Nunes -

Topdrawer what program did you use to do the openning barbershop scene. Was it Painter?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I used photoshop to paint that background image. Also the interior shots of the barber shop. The backgrounds for the farm scenes with the bull are all vector elements created in Toon Boom Studio. The sky in the final scene is photoshop but the foreground elements including the gravestones are TBS vectors.

Nothing is impossible!