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Up and coming writer

I am currently a student at the Academy of Art University who is working on his masters degree and am very new to the animation industry. Even though I am a Motion Pictures Television (MPT) major my work tends to drift towards Anime. Unfortunately I am terrible at draining just about any thing but I am able to create good stories off of Final Draft. My main question is how does one break into the animation industry as a screen writer? Should I conceder hiring an agent? Should I develop a pitch package of character designs and scenery layout or should I make a 2-5 minute demo of my work? Finally where would I be able to find an animation studio directory (specifically for anime style work)?
Right now I am still a student and I have a year left on the Academy’s masters program so for now this is just research but I hope I can market my work eventually.

Writer for Animated Series

We have a project that may be just what you are looking for. It is a 26 x 11 flash animated series. We'd be willing to give you a try at it... The client is in Germany... and we have many more projects right behind this one... send me your resume... and some writing samples... and i'll send you the details...

Best Regards,

David Franks
U.S.Animation Sales
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