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Hireing a Studio or individuals

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Hireing a Studio or individuals

I'm actually trying to get a few animation projects off the ground and I'm just wonder what does it take to hire a animation studio as far as pay, time, and just finding a good but inexpensive one. I meen, we'd all love Pixar, Disney, Geneon, ect. to do our animations, but that's just out of budget. Especially for a single investor like me. As of now, the projects do consist of shorts about 5 to 15 minutes per episode and project. Eventually I'd like to do bigger projects but that's way later; not that I dont have them available to me now of course lol. So with that said, educate the man :).

I have the music and voice tallent available already so that's no problem.

Think $10,000 to $15,000 per minute of animation, in any medium--and for any independent studio, not the top drawer outfits you mentioned. Those are where the prices typically start, it climbs from there.

Keep in mind that "your" project will not be something that will be a priority unless you have the capital to make it a priority for them. They will charged based upon their staff, overhead, supplies, time etc, etc, etc.

This is why its EXTREMELY rare that the "average schmo" off the street has animation done on demand by these studios. Most projects rely on multiple investors to spread the cost/investment around and thus make it viable.

Remember, what you are doing is essentially renting the studio, with its staff, expertise, equipment and time. You pay for all of that.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)


Wow what a wake up call! And I thought the music industry was bad. Well what about an individual? I know you'd be in a position to get things done alot slower, but that seems more cost effective. But by how much off? Any rumors about pro's working for shmoes with tight cash ? lol

Animation Production Studio At Kolkata


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No not 30min! lol I cant call that amount of money change lol.

Actually to start, I dont need 30min. I only need 5, 15 as a worst case senario. Yeah I know about "exposure". That's basically why I want to pay people now. I meen I wouldn't want that to happen to me. The fact is I was trying to do it my self a while back. However with my major concentration being in Music Production/ Artistry and computer engineering, I just didn't have the time much like my programming project where I was the sole propriator. Turned into a non profit 4 year project that I loved, but was taking too long. That's why I'm looking for an individual, or a few individuals to help me out. The only things I'd be in charge of (more less) is the music (sound), scripting and possibly directing if need be.


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What about

What about the CG rout? Wouldn't that be a bit cheaper? Considering that most of my work I'd like Cel Shaded, it should be a bit less considering the modeler / animator wouldn't have to create all those advanced textures and bump maps and all right?

you may consider going in partnership with us, yesthisismyday. For more detail plz visit email Tony at
We are interested in the music biz also. We wish you luck finding what you need no matter how hard it is, just keep searching.

Beo Nguyen - yesthisismyday

LF is right. but you can look at Flash as a tool to save a lot of time and cut costs. some of the Flash animation out there is high quality and still cheaper than something traditional or CGI related.

also it depends on what this is really could do something like the Pharell Williams video with a character just mucking around and it fit well with the video and wasnt terribly expensive or time consuming to do.

established low rates for comics are $90 per completed page ($60 for pencils, $30 for inks), PLUS lettering unless you do the lettering yourself. Colour adds more and b/w comics don't sell as well so you're at over $120 per page for 24 pages (over $2500) per issue of a comic in pre press (the comics version of pre-evelopment and development, to use film terms) already. Then you have to advertise, and have three issues in the can before Diamond Distributors will even consider it. No Distribution means no sales means lost investment, and you have to go through Diamond since they killed the other distr.'s off.

So for a comicbook, at best, you are looking at $4000 x 3 issues MINIMUM to even have a viable chance of BREAKING EVEN.

These are rates for NOBODIES in comics and in comics, name value means everything. Drew Hayes ran at a loss for years before Poison Elves made a profit and he had to write, pencil, ink and letter everything HIMSELF. And yes, I know/have met Drew.

Thus paying an animator a modicum of what they are worth starts looking pretty good, huh?

[I]I'll work 10 hours a day for $350.

Andreas does the photoshop posters for Paramount, gets $700 per day at 7 hours plus an hour off for lunch.

You do the math as to which is a better deal.[/I]

If you really want realistic offers for your project then you need to provide your realistic situation, How much are you prepared to pay for having your project realised into an animation?

If you are looking for a 1 person animation team then you are looking at longer time spans.

I would say you're looking at an average cost of £1000 per minute of animation, This is at graduate based level, and will still varie because of different skill levels of the individuals. For example some graduates may have a simpsons level or worse and other can almost do disney level. If ur really lucky u can find some which do a load of different styles. ;)

Outsourcing is interesting!, Animation is one of those things that depend on talent and skill and dedication!, if you want some number of average pictures per/day/costs then get a whole bunch of cheaply trained animators to churn the frames cheaply. but if you want something with quality and style you are gona have to pay for it no matter where you go.

I've been working on an animation for a 10 minute music vid with a friend, 7min 2d and 3min 3D.

We worked on the 2D animation and coloring only. We are a 2 man team and it took us 2 and a half months to finish on a blend of 1's and 2's animation frame by frame. Pretty much no time for anything else due to a tight deadline, This is at almost pro-level of quality(a mix of disney and anime styled) , but with more time i'm sure we could have bettered wot we had produced! But we basically produced what we could BASED on the limiting factors!

Good luck! and hope you find what your looking for.

Animation Production

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