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Educators Conference Theme Ideas


I am trying to gather some ideas for the theme for the next
KAFI Educators Conference and would appreciate your input/ideas. :rolleyes:
Here are the themes from previous Ed Conf:
2003- New Ideas for an Evolving Industry.
2005: Discovering the Next Generation
We plan on sending out an invite (call-for-papers) to schools in September so I need to have to a good base to work off of. Help!

Also, as a note, we have moved the Ed Conf to Thursday (possible half-day on Friday) so we can have more time for festival events.
Thanks, Maggie

Deanna Morse's picture

Here's Deanna... tossing out some ideas:

Animation Education in a Time of Change (technology, social responsibility, etc.)

Looking Back: Looking Forward: Animation Education in Context (consider the changes in animation production over the past 100 years, how we can use lessons from the history of animation as inspiration in teaching - this is my personal passion...)

Keeping the Art of Animation in Education (considering personal voice, considering training for work in the larger industry, also: First Job, Last Job/Personal Growth)

An aside:
I have been invited as a guest to speak at an educator's conference in China in September. Apparently China has government money to build their educational system - to be a player in the market (competing with Japan and Korea). That's another serious issue - what are the entry level jobs in our country when so much of the production work has gone overseas? Probably not a theme topic for KAFI this year!

Best - Deanna
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Submitted by dchai on

Still thinking of suggestions for a theme, but I like Deanna’s suggestions so far!

One suggestion for content is similar to some of the presentations from different programs in 2003, which I though was really beneficial. I was thinking that we could contact different studios, gaming houses, etc asking them which schools they consider to have the top animation programs. We could then see if those schools would be available to give brief presentations (15-30 min) outlining curriculum and maybe showing school samples.

I know I love to see how other schools approach their class structures, and maybe we could schedule them to be accessible to parents and students in the market for a good program.

Just a thought…