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"The crane and the giraffe" 2d digital animation, ready online

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"The crane and the giraffe" 2d digital animation, ready online

Hello! My name is Vladimir Bellini. I'm a 25 years old, student.

I'm starting into 2d digital animation, and I recently finished my first animation. It's called "the crane and the giraffe" and my father helped me making the music.Its a love story, about a lonely port crane and a cute giraffe.

:D I put the animation online, and I really wish that you watch it when you have some time available.. :-)

Here's the link:

hope you like it!


Thanks again!

Vladimir Bellini, from Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vladimir Bellini.

Hi Vladimir,

A very nice piece, especially for your first film. If I can offer a story point...

It might have made for a stronger ending if we believed the crane was inanimate right up until the giraffe is back on the boat. If the giraffe is pining for a piece of machinery simply because it looks like her, then it'd make a stronger impact when the crane comes to life. He's a crane, doing his job, admiring her from afar until he thinks he's going to lose her, then he makes his move.

Just a thought.

Anyway, it is a very nice piece, and the music your father did is first-rate. Congrats, and welcome!

"La grúa y la jirafa"

hello Dsb !!

thanks for watching it and for the time....!

glad you like it, and i read your story point... i agree in everything.. maybe it could had a better impact, but one thing i must say is that, the idea was that the crane is alive since the first begining of the animation, maybe the crane didnt know he could do that thing that he does at the end (control his own legs and move them! escape, get away) or maybe there wasnt a good reason for him to know that (until the giraffe and loves appears!)

and thanks for the music... for me was an honor that my father made that music.. i always wanted to made something with him, and this kind of share its ideal for both of us.....! so for that i'm very happy.


great story point! thanks for the toughts...!

hope i can finish a new idea i like that i got in my head, for the nov/dic 2006...!


again thankS! and greetings from cold land of remedios de escalada, buenos aires, Argentina!!