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shuld I go ahead I accidently bumped into?...!

an amateur beginner wuld like sum comments please...
please please please...:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek: :p


Dude, it's not bad.

You say your an amateur, and you welcome crit, how about putting more work on? It's tough to to actually crit a persons' work if it's only one piece. You need to post more so one can see the bigger picture!?

Anyway. Yah. The pic is not bad, but
1. it looks rushed
2. it's too flat!
3. You're using the wrong paper :confused:

BUT I'm sure the more you draw the more you draw So do some more and post them!!?? :D

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Thank-you, Phreak...

To Da' Phreak,

I Wanted to tell you that it really means a lot to me.

I have some more already done I will post soon and contact you to see it again more. Hope you understand that I appreciate your comments when you say.

about paper I dont know what to use and use my note pad book that is handy.

Regards and have a really really very very nice day and future ahead.


Cool man.
Go check at art shops, they usually say the MASS of the paper, try get some smooth textured paper, of at least 160GSM (Gram to Square Meter), I usually use 200-240gsm. The paper helps a lot!
But post some more and let us see your work!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.