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traditional flash animation

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traditional flash animation

Hi, this is an animation that I did a while ago...

Man, I remember first seeing the beginnings of this -ages- ago. I love it to pieces. The kind of thing I would like to make. Nice color choices, too.

Very nice.


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Thanks, I appreciate it. I really learned a lot from this project. Hopefully, I can do more of this stuff in the future.

Hi, this is an animation that I did a while ago...

Really beautiful Sam.

That was really nice.
Really, really nice!


I really enjoyed this because i can relate to the artist character.

Your backgrounds are incredible. very impressive work. how long did this take you to complete?
Animation and Design

Fantastic concept and acting. Bravo!

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Thanks a lot! It took a while a make. I started it during my last year of college, and have been working on it in my occasional spare time.

hello there mr. chi.
I'm a scad graduate who followed in your wake. Great work, no one could get through the scad animation program without seeing your stuff.

Hi BossMonkey, your website is very fascinating! I am really inspired by your animations, especially your senior project. Keep up the great work!

that was some animation and a very nice story furious chi.
I somehow didn't think I was going to see THAT type of a story, when your name is FURIOUS chi..


Hmmmm....My name's a bit of an oxymoron, I guess. I suppose I can put more furious into my next animation... :)

is there any elements that were done in 3D and then rendered in vector? If not you've got some flawless rotations.

looking good.