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New project

I am a small-scale, independent animator looking to open a studio. To prove my worth, I'm starting a website and a series of short films available for download as a showcase of my talent. The only problem is that I need public support to get started. I have potential investors, however, they require that my development blog be successful and profitable before they will pay for webspace et cetera. Basically, I need an average of 100 hits/week and a "fair" amount of ad support before I can get started. Check out the development blog here:

If you feel like volunteering your time and skills to making this project a success, email me at
Thank you.

Thank you for being so responsive. Looking at my visitor log, I noticed that four of you got to my page by clicking the link in my first post. I can't thank you enough. Although I'm still far from reaching my quota, I'm sure that, with your help, word will spread and my upcoming series will be a hit. Thank you and stay tuned!

What is your sight about?

Hi, I checked out your blog section and was wondering what your site is going to be about? (What genres of animation etc..) Do you have any stills or teasers to provide? Once, I get some more info., I may be able to lend a hand on a few things.

I suppose you should learn a little of my history in animation. I started out working in 3D, but quickly lost interest as I do not see a future for the style. Three years ago, I began focusing on traditional 2D animation, but I have not yet been able to produce a major release. The project I'm working on will hopefully be the one to prove my name to the industry. With any luck, it'll be a hit and I can make a little bit of money from it. I'm going to post the basic plot on the blog tonight or tomorrow (so it is at least publicly protected by a creative commons license which declares my copyright ownership). Anyway, I am in the process of starting an animation studio and have already gotten a partnership offer from an AWN member. I "employ" five interns/students who sought me out due to their inability to afford formal schooling. I can't see this studio being very large for quite some time, but I do have the ambition to revive traditional animation in the mainstream. I'll keep you all posted as things develop. Just keep checking the blog and thank you all for your support.

No, I don't have any teasers yet. I suppose I could post a plot summary and some character sketches, but I won't have a trailer up until next month, although that all depends on when Toon Boom support gets back to me. I'll be sure to post more on the blog.

Do you have any of your previous work online? I'm interested in what you are proposing but to be honest I've read it online many times before(and I haven't been around that long). If you could show a little of who you are and what you've done outside of this current project. A demoreel, hell even a resume so we know where you've been and what kind of experience you have so we know you aren't just some kid with big ideas of getting front page on

No offense or anything like that. But there are plenty of people talkin the talk. Hell, I've been there! :)

I'm working on my college demo reel now. I don't know when I will have it finished, but I will make it available as soon as I'm satisfied with the quality (that and I'm going to make a few new clips to put in there).

I've been forced out of town until the 8th, so I won't have much time to work on my reel or the blog. I'll have it up as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.