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"La grua y la jirafa" 2d digital animation -online-

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"La grua y la jirafa" 2d digital animation -online-

Hello! My name is Vladimir Bellini. I'm a 25 years old, student.

I'm starting into 2d digital animation, and I recently finished my first animation. It's called "the crane and the giraffe" and my father helped me making the music.Its a love story, about a lonely port crane and a cute giraffe.

Meanwhile I put the animation online, and I really wish that you watch it when you have some time available.. :-)

Here's the link:

hope you like it!


Thanks again!

Vladimir Bellini, from Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vladimir Bellini.

awesome film, i love the sketchy style and the story. It was really done well stylistically. Keep it up man