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moving the camera in flash??

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moving the camera in flash??

is there any way to do simple camera moves(or fake simple moves) in flash after the animation is done, or should you plan ahead for any movement and do it old school?

thanks guys.

One simple way is to put your animation into a graphic symbol, and then use motion tweening to simulate a camera move.

but what if your animation is spread over multiple layers?

Flash symbols have their own timeline, you can paste in as many layers and frames into it as you want. Assuming I understand what you're asking, if you 've done an animation that may be on separate layers, select it all, copy frames, create a new symbol, and then paste all the frames into it. All the layers should appear in the graphic symbol's timeline just the same as it would on the main stage. You can then do watever you want with the symbol (trucks, pans, zooms, etc) without interferring with the actual animation inside.

For more complex camera movement, you can seperate the animation into multiple symbols or imbed a symbol within another. I think there are other threads that talk more about tricks with Flash, so you might want to check those out as well.

Hope that helps.

but what if your animation is spread over multiple layers?

You can drag and select over every layer in the time line. Copy frames. Make a new layer. Create a new symbol on that new layer. Click inside and past all the frames into that new layer. Go back out to your main timeline. Line up the new symbol with the the old layers. Then delete all the old layers.

It is better to pre-plan this stuff out first though.

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thanks guys. much appreciated!