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brien's sketches

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brien's sketches

I also look forward to seeing more, these r great. :P

more sketches
more sketches

Hey Brien these sketches have soo much character and r just soo cool please tell me the ur already working in the industry. It would be a shame if ur not.

Cool sketches! I look forward to more of your work! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007


Man, your characters are great. Ive just started getting into drawing cartoons( like seriosly). Man ur an inspiration :cool:

Wow, what amazing pencil test! When I see animations like that, I feel like there are two ways: Giving up animation or practicing harder than ever to come to a compareable level!
GREAT, BRIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks stoo-art, i'm glad i could be an insperation.

thanks a lot bandita! im glad you liked it. although i sure hope i didnt make you feel like giving up on animation! that wouldnt be good at all. anyways from what i remember you're pretty awesome yourself. i liked that chicken walk you did. thatnsk again for the comments!

Thats it! I need to commit to practicing my animation! You have inspired me to fit it back into my schedule. I guess I will have to cut into my "sit on the couch and do nothing" time.

Great stuff, can't wait to see more. Do mind if I ask how long that took.



Holly cow Brien I step away for a bit and here u go creating all this great artwork. Damn ur to damn good man. Awsome work as always and very inspirational. As always post more and also show the animation test they r always awsome.:D

Ps funny thing about ur new avatar. I've been seeing alot of that lately.

thanks for the comment kalEl118, but yea, i know how hard it is to cut into the "sit on the couch and do nothing time". that animation probably took me about 15 or more hours to do. i was working on it off and on over the course of a week. and i hadnt animated anything for a while and i was feeling a bit rusty.

wow damage i havent heard anything from you for a while. what have you been up to? heh, thanks for the kind words. i'd like to see some new stuff from you! haha, yea, i stole that avatar from someone not too long ago. thats one of my top favorite movies, so i had to have it.

I don't know how I missed your stuff. But i really dig your works. might not be able to see the animation but least i can see these. =)


Cartoon Syndicate project

thanks deadsquid, sorry you cant see the animation though. well here's a fun little batman sketch for today...

i really love that sketch

are you a batman fan?

hehehehe, i dig that!


Cartoon Syndicate project

heh, thanks guys. i wouldn't say im a big batman fan, but i like the character. i really like the first two movies, but that's about it, i don't read the comics or anything like that. ive been meaning to see the newest batman movie but i haven't got around to it.

anyways, here's a new one from today. i could'nt get the "s" logo to look right on his buldging chest, so i left it out. so it looks kinda weird withough it. do you think i should try to put it in? i guess its not quite superman withouth the "s".

it's good but think supes looks a little too stalone.


Cartoon Syndicate project

haha yea, i noticed that too. i just wanted to make him ugly and weird looking. the end result appears to be very stallone-ish.

don't let it get out or they may try to recast the flick....i think theyr'e already gonna ruin it.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Hey Brien,

I do think that the Sups needs his logo on his chest, or else he looks some wierdo in spandex. Funny how the logo has been branded into most of our minds.
I dig the Bats to looks funny.
Re the batman movie that just came out. I think u would enjoy this one. They didn't take it lightly and for a long time Batman fan i like many think that this is the Batman movie that many Batfans have been long waiting. I highly recommend it.

hahah... man, i would love to see stalone as superman in the new movie. of course, it would totally ruin it on a serious level, but it would shoot the hilarity factor through the roof!

thanks for the advice damage. i agree with you. i think he does need the "s". heh, im glad you liked the batman drawing. yea, i definatly want to see that new batman movie, i've heard nothing but good things about it.

anyways, here's some new sketches from today...

some of them i like alot but others dont have enough expression as i would like.I think you did very well though and i cant wait to seee the animation. :D

im also glad the coyote is much diffrent than wile .E

p.s.i commented :D

dont have enough expressions?

you mean theres only 4 sketches? cus everything this guy full of it. Awesome cartoonist.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

heh, well here are some more expressions for ya thunderrobot. im glad to hear he doesnt look like wile e. it's obvious i'm influnced by the warner brothers style, but i was hoping i wouldnt hear "its cool, but he looks too much like wile e coyote"

haha thanks blinkmetoys. when i first read through your comment i just saw "this guy.." " full of it". i was thinking , damn that sucks, but then of course i read it again. hah.

way better


the expresssions on these are tons better so kudos :D

haha thanks blinkmetoys. when i first read through your comment i just saw "this guy.." " full of it". i was thinking , damn that sucks, but then of course i read it again. hah

haha. naw man. good stuff. GOOD STUFF! hows that stand out?

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

wow, when did my thread get 10,000 views? that's pretty awesome.

thanks again thunderrobot. i'm glad you like those expressions. they are a bit over the top, but eh, it's what i like to do.

haha. yea that "good stuff" stood out. thanks blinkmetoys.

well, too bad i dont have a better drawing to commemorate my 10,000 views...heh, but here it is anyway... just a quick little diddy

thats pretty nice

i like both of them.

your expressions are getting much better so kudos! :D

so is this going to show up on dev art?

ohh and congrats on your many many watches on dev art.I have like 13 and you have 18 plus i have nobodys watching me and you have both tv's kyle and danimation.

I think you will really be extremly popular on da :D

cant wait to see some more sketches!

haha, i wouldnt exactly call 18 watches "a lot"... but thanks.

here is a pencil test i was working on for the past couple of days. it was just an idea that popped in my head as i was sketching.. so i decided to animate it. its not finished obviously, i still need to animate the girl. when i put the background in, she will be sitting on a trash can. and i might add a little zip-out for the male cat, but i dont know yet. but yea, i dont know why they are cats again. anyways, my next animation is definatly going to be the old cowboy and the coyote. anyways.. heres the link..

pencil test

hope you all like it, and any comments and/or critiques are always welcome.

i really like your stuff alot more when i see it in motion. :D

This is really cool and i like the character design alot.

what i meant by 18 views is that you got them so have 200 and some pageviews with 18 people watching you.It seems to me that a good percent of people who come to your page end up watching you.

I on the other hand have 1000 and some pageviews but only have 13 watchers.Plus you have tv's kyle and danimation watching you.

i dont mean this in a complaining sort of way i mean that you are doing well on da sort of way. :D

Awesome work man!

thanks guys.. im glad you liked the animation.. i'll probably finish it sometime over the weekend.. hopefully.. anyways here are some sketches from today..

and some more...

they look really good. :D

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Hello Brian

Do you have any sketches of anyone playing Golf or in a golf cart or anything dealing with golf? Let me know if you do ok thank you.

Courtney Hardy