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support your fellow animators

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support your fellow animators

hello there, firstly let me apologise for invading your great board. if this is considered spam, delete away.

i think this is a subject which will interest you all and certainly effects you all.

I Just wondered if you would like to support video artists by signing a petition?

Its something which effects me and my students greatly, but which also effects everybody as they often dont have access to some great films outside of the small niche festivals.

Also, one final favour, if you feel this is something you would like to support, could you please forward this message to everyone else you know that you think might support it.

thanks alot.

Adam Comiskey

sign the petition here:

Here is the aim:

1. To establish a system of self-classification for all video works*
2. The creation of logical, legal, evidence based and transparent classification criteria.
3. to provide a creative environment which allows British video artists to compete in the global market.
4. To put an end to the discrimination focused upon artists working in the video medium.

UK law currently prohibits a filmmaker from selling, renting or distributing their work without first seeking classification by the BBFC. Classification is an expensive and time consuming process which is even more burdensome for the independent short film maker, quite often beyond the means of the artist. This process effectively ensures that some video works such as student animation, whose films are only a few minutes long by design, have no chance of reaching their potential audiences. This situation becomes more frustrating for the low budget, independent filmmaker when you consider that similar restrictions are not placed on other forms of expression.

*Video works to be defined as any movie or still image works to be distributed on Tape, DVD, Disc or other digital storage media including linear and non-linear content.

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I guess this is only for british artists.
There are worse scenarios.... I wouldn't even think of petitioning MY government.

I was curious, then I looked at your Location bar...'nuff said.