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Animation Requests?

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Animation Requests?

Are there animators who don't take pay for requests?

For example, I have a band I'd like to make a flash promo for, and I'm wondering if it's going to cost me...

I've been looking around and it looks like everyone charges. Is this always the case?

you're asking if anyone's gonna do work for free?
you fool!

"request" sounds a lot like "commission"...

I was just curious as to if it was always the case. I know it's a shot in the air, but I wanted to see what the feedback would be.

It boils down to this: Why should an animator work for free when the band will use the work as a "promo" to get work, and thus eventually/potentially profit from it?

Offering even a nominal amount as compensation ( if only to cover supplies)will increase the odds of getting a response.

Doing animation for "experience" of a portfolio piece is bunk, because an animator can do the same work for themselves without any of the potential hassles. No "client input", no deadlines, no other demands except what the animator desires of the work.
The expense the band makes on this, like on anything, is probably a tax-write-off--it usually is in most countries--and thus they do not "lose" anything in the long term.

Here's another way looking at this: offering work without compensation means the offer isn't serious, thus the work itself isn't serious. If this band is truly serious about what they do, then they'd be willing/able to pay for a service like this. Otherwise its a frivilous thing.

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Does your band play for free, or do you prefer to get paid, at least a nominal amount, when you put your art out for consumption?

Now, change "band" to "animator" and "play" to "work", and you'll have your answer.

Hi Lady with cats, and welcome to the AWN Forums. Most people that offer service, charge for their time and effort. Everyone from docters and lawyers to musicians and animators. Even the mimes in the park have a jar for people to put money in. Are there people that'll work for free? Sure there are. On AWN, people are encouraged to know what their time and effort are worth and to charge appropreatly so hopefully they can make a living at it and quit working at Kinkos or Starbucks. Payment doesn't always have to be money either. You can trade animation for using your music on their demo reel, or short film. Or if you do work at Starbucks, give them free coffee for a month. That one alone might be worth it. :D Be creative. Hopefully you'll find someone to do this project for you, just remember you get what you pay for.

the Ape

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for free

I'm sure you may be able to find someone to do free work but just remember
" you get what you pay for ". Animation forums aren't going to be the best place to find someone to do free work. I would try a school or a beginners website and if you don't have money, Apes advice is very good, offer a trade of some sort (like your x-box). Appreciate the time.

good luck with the band.