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Hernan´s little room

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Hernan´s little room

I´m new to animation, so I will be posting some life drawings for now. I´m having a hard time designing characters, so I think I will post some of them for you to criticize later. Here we go.

First character :-)

This is my "first character"... Not very original, I know, but I'm just learning. Your critics are welcome as always :-)

Nice life drawings! Oh and it's really good that you're practicing with digital paints too! I have one suggestion with your latest drawing. The lines on top of her shoulderblades doesn't really make sense anatomically. I mean the lines shouldn't be very visible unless you bunch up your shoulders and the female character isn't doing that. Other than that, everything looks really good. Keep it up!


I think you understand the principle, so if you've got a light table and a paper punch, you could start animating.


I also think it's much more interesting to watch something that's supposed to be entertaining rather than exercises. So, at this point I'd like to suggest that you do something like a head turn or a walk, but make it part of a story.

I just finished my light table yesterday (they are difficult to find and fairly expensive around here), and I´m attending an animation workshop, so I think I will post an animation next time :-)

Thanks a lot for your comments!

First attempts at character design

Thanks for your comments! I´m having some trouble "thinking in the third dimension" and drawing clothes, I always feel I´m missing details... By the way, here is a little guy I have been drawing today. I don´t have a scanner around, so I had to make it with the mouse...



Digital painting tests

I´m trying my hand at digital painting. Your critics and sugestions are more than welcome!