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DeadSquid Strikes Back!

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DeadSquid Strikes Back!

I've returned with new stuff!...and a new thread because i think the old one went buh-bye.

I'm going to start off with a few new Emoticonquest pics. The idea is really starting to evolve. I'm thinkin' of animation with it..and maybe even flash games. hehe build a brand!

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Website Cartoon Syndicate project


Cartoon Syndicate project

Tanuki? I remember that from Super Mario Bros 3!

Thanks All for the comments. been been kinda busy but I've brought some more stuff to share.

And I've been working on my Emoticonquest(or possibly Emitiquest) off and on for a little while. It's slowly starting to take shape.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Here's a couple of my Warcraft Characters.

Cullhain my Lv52 Hunter.

Vestria my Lv28 Paladin. Before I took a break again I just played to get her level high enough to wear that armor. hehe. for this I wanted to see what I could pull off shading with gradients.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Just a bunch of stuff(warning for some nudity..kinda)

This is for my Super Spacefighter Catgirl Neo. He's teaching of the relation between evilness and shoulder pad size.

Tengu and Tanuki. Please pardon Tanuki's "nudeness". He's not a raccoon. Tanuki is the "Raccoon Dog". Tanuki is quite a popular(from paintings, statues, anime etc) figure and is commonly depicted with rather large testes. As the actual tanuki animal's are quite large. The fellow there on the ground is Kappa, he's fallen and spilled his water.


Cartoon Syndicate project


Rejoice, here's your other work :)

Very cute characters. Sure beats Kirby (and that's hard to do)

Thanks. =)

I'm working to get better with backgrounds.

And thanks for pointing out my thread.....i'd looked for it a while back cause i forgot to just bookmark it and couldn't find it...guess i over looked it. hehe.

I figured maybe it was deleted since i hadn't posted in it for a while.


Cartoon Syndicate project

You Rock DUDE!


Whoa! Awesome... I'd love to see that stuff animated. It's a clever concept :) How long have you been working on it? Do you have big plans for it?

Lol, I like how the guy in the haunted house picture has anger veins on his hair.

Hey, love your work man,keep up. I think you are better in the kyrby like than the warcraft ones tho.

Cool work DeadSquid. Lively, colorful. :)

You and Jabberwocky made me remember an old site I bookmarked a long time ago with your talk about mythological creatures. I went searching through my old links for it. Maybe it is of some interest if you hadn't seen it before.

A Word from Mr Smart-Ass

Kappas are Japanese water demons said to suck human blood. They can be pacified by feeding them cucumbers which have to be thrown into their wet abodes. If the name of the donor's family is inscribed on the cucumber, the kappa eating it won't harm her/him or her/his family anymore.
Another legend has it that they are powerless when they're not in water and therefore fill a cavity in their skulls with water. If encountered on dry land, they can easily be sapped of their powers by showing them courtesy - a bow will make them bow in return and the water in their head cavities will spill.
Some Japanese versions of "Journey to the West" make the character Sha Heshang, or Sandy, a kappa. I liked that idea so I made him one when drawing some of that Chinese legend's characters for a Chinese friend of mine.