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Please critique my animation!!!

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Please critique my animation!!!
Another version!

Hey here's another version of the 3rd clip!

I can't figure out how to view your stuff, how about some instructions?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.


yeah, the link on the page seems to doesn't work..

scroll to the bottom of the page on the bottom left column there is an option to download

Hey Good work moush :D

Nice job!

I love the animation to the line from Planes Trains and Automobiles! Very nice work. The subtle bounce in the limbs and the facial expression are great.

Nice work.

I wasn't able to get the fight clips to play the entire way though.

Take care.


Hey thanks a lot u guys for ur crits!!!! I ll work on the changes asap. In the meantime, any more crits are more than welcome...! :)

Hey Valentina & Phacker..I hope Spacemonkey's instructions helped still waitin for your crits!!! :p