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Advice on animation 2D, waterfall :)

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Advice on animation 2D, waterfall :)


I'am making my 3rd year degree film and having trouble with animating the water for my waterfall any tips and advice you can give me would be fantastic, thank you :)

JacquiJaxx x

There's a great cartoon in the Looney Tunes Collection called 'Goofy Groceries' with a very nice, traditionally animated waterfall in it. Worth checking out if you've got/can get a hold of the set. :) (Volume 3, Disc 2)

Ah great stuff thank you :p


I'am making my 3rd year degree film and having trouble with animating the water for my waterfall any tips and advice you can give me would be fantastic, thank you :)

JacquiJaxx x

Need some more information. Are you drawning on paper or are you working with an application. Which application are you using and are you using more than one applicatioin? Would you concider using practical effects in your film?
Those are all the questions I can think of.

Oh yes it would help wouldn't it :), I'am doing it on animation 12 field paper, I would love to be a background artist and this has been the hardest thing so far, I'am painting in Daler Rowney watercolour and acrylic paint.

The other Programs I use to put my piece together is flipbbook, Adobe after affects/ Photoshop 6.0 and Premiere. Any tips about drawing water in 2D would be great, I have been doing many experiments with water and observational work and looked in my many animation books, just hoping someone might have some tips to help me out.

Thanks x

Watch Bambi the original in the rain scene. Watch it over an over.....but besides that I've done some waterfall work in Flash and it's all in the organic lines that run down the fall. Focus on those and you may get there. Everyone comes up with a different concept though. Try not to focus on what happens at the bottom at first. You can add some of that later, but its the verticle lines coming down the fall that seem to make the difference.

This is my early attempt at a waterfall, part of it is accomplished with actionscript, so it's basically a flash only technique. If I was going to rework it I would add white water lines going down the fall instead of just the gradient movement.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I am guessing but using practical effect might be he way to go. I have never do it, but I thing there would be less work to get the water fall. So blue screen, water, and a camera got yourself a water fall.

hey man,u WILL need to get reference.theres no way around it,even if its reference from another cartoon,certain effects are things you just can't guess.Unless ur goin for a really toony style where it doesn't matter.

watch national geographic or discovery channel,wipe the dust off the VCR thats underneath ur dvd,and record away :D

hehe, cheers for all the replies like I say any tips help, I have found some fantastic waterfall clips on the net with the help of google :) Like I say for the last few months I have been studying waterfalls in Real life, using pictures watching the movements and studying how Disney do it alot Like the waterfall in the opening scene for Beauty and the Beast and others that people have suggested.

I animated the "main body water" of a waterfall last night, line tested and coloured it in flipbook, it seems to be going well, I'am spending day and night studying water but its great as I wish to stick to tradtional animation of pencil and paper I know it is going to be very hard but Iam always up for the challenge, doing this final film for my degree is great.

Cheers Jacqui x

we would love to see progress if u can,glad ur doing it tradtionally.

i'll always prefer trad.2d to digi.2d

I didn't have anything to do during the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep so I gave it another go. I realise the timing is not quite there and with gifs it's hard to get them to synq up right anyway. It's not up to the quality of the Bambi illustrators, but my waterfalls are getting better.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

also check out Adam Phillips online movie prowlies at the river which has a great waterfall in it.

if u can't be bothered to watch the whole thing

heres just the waterfall

Lovely guys :p Thanks so much

I just checked out Adam Phillips work fantastic and very helpful, also the "prowlies at the river" movie was great, Thanks again x