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Top Rated Animation Festivals- Is there a list?

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Top Rated Animation Festivals- Is there a list?

Hi all, Is there a list that one might view that rates the animation festivals in order of importance? I know about Annecy but what are the other top festivals? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Animation Festival List

Thanks dxv. :) I did see that list which is what prompted me to ask. Can anyone recommend an industry accepted "Top Ten" out of that list?

The AWN list is really outdated.. almost useless.

Here you will find everything. Up to the date allways.



It's nice to see that Cinanima is still recognised as one of the best festivals... it's sure getting smaller year after year

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Top Ten Festivals?

Great site. Thank you Juan. It seems to provide everything....except any industry rated breakdown of the best festivals for animation. I did sign up as I can see it will be invaluable for submissions. Again, thank you. Anyone else have any ideas for a Top Ten list of animation festivals? Being bold, we only want to enter the best and most highly regarded festivals.

10 top:

annecy (france)

0ttawa (Canada)

stuttgart (Germany)

zagreb (Croatia)

hiroshima (Japan)

holland (Netherlands)

fantoche (Switzerland)

anima mundi (Brazil)

cinanima (Portugal)

Brussels Animation festival (Belgium)

All are good, established festivals. In terms of industry, Ottawa and Annecy are really the only two that cater to both indies and industry.

hope that helps,
chris robinson

well annecy is wonderful.
ottawa, hiroshima, zagreb and anima mundi in brazil are also excellent and attended by all.

there is a list here but not in any order of importance:

i have to say that my favorite is my local festival, the asifa east animation festival. the longest running animation festival in north america!