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Disney to revive 2d animation features

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Disney to revive 2d animation features


ok its not too official ,but it seems that are considering it,we'll see....

read article

[QUOTE]Another the hotly discussed question among artists has been whether Mr. Lasseter - despite having made Pixar's fortune with a brilliant series of computer-generated hits - will bring back the traditional 2-D animation on which the Disney empire was built. Mr. Lasseter and other Pixar artists are known for their enthusiasm for the classic Disney films, and for the drawn features of the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki.

Mr. Cook commented, "I've talked about reviving 2-D with John for some time, it wouldn't surprise me at all if these a project emerged that we would want to do in 2-D."[/QUOTE]


*yaaaay* :)


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hehe good pun harvey :cool:

I really hope something happens with this though

interesting. So will the creative pixar talent be doing a 2d or just since Pixar people are big factors in disney now as a whole just set up a 2d group?

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